Working on the concept of innovation to make the train journey more safe the Vadodara division of railways introduced many new initiatives recently for the benefit of passengers. A Passenger feedback system for ticketing and cleanliness along with high quality CCTV cameras on tracks are some of the news initiatives taken up at Vadodara Railway station.

Indian railways is taking every measure to improve passenger amenities by introducing new trains and ultra modern facilities at the stations. Vadodara division is also working on the same formulae and introduce many new initiatives at the Vadodara railway station for the passengers which also helps them to better the facilities in future.

Passenger feedback system for ticketing as well as for cleaning are some of the initiatives introduced for the first time anywhere in the country. “Under the website Innovation and Good Works we keep a track on the performance of our staff on the base of new initiatives introduced at the station. We installed a passenger feedback machines at the reservation counters where they can give their feedback about the experience with the ticket officer. Secondly the cleaning feedback machines gives us the experience about the cleanliness at platforms and on the base of rating we can improve our services,” said S.K. Tiwari Station Director Vadodara.

He further said that in the passenger feedback system for tickets the officer will be felicitated by the rating on monthly basis and if anyone get the poor rating continuously they will be transferred from the division.

For the first time in the Western Railway 20 CCTV were installed on the tracks on both sides of the Platform No. 1 at Vadodara to avoid any problems related to technical issues. With separate monitoring room the cameras help the officials to trace any technical error in the train to correct it immediately to avoid any big incident. The slow motion function can help the officials to trace the fault very closely. Secondly the cameras will also kept a watch on the duty personnel there.

The CCTV installed are rolling in out cameras with recording backup of 30 days. The cameras work on Multi point and Single point with Wifi range of 170Mbps and Speed upto 600Dbps. The cameras have 6mm lense, 4 megapixel and 36 Infrared LED with night vision. The cameras are installed just near to the tracks to have a close watch on the passing trains.

In coming days a separate child protection room is also opened for the missing children or those ran away from homes land here at Vadodara. The room is like a home for them till the railway administration find their parents and unite them.


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