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Innovation at its best to turn scrap into art

Innovation at its best to turn scrap into art

Vadodara based art expert joined hands with Indore based artist Deval Verma to launch brand of sculptures made of scrap.

Innovation is said to be the mother of all changes and set the tune for future generations to come. As we are moving towards more complex world we must not forget our roots specially the mother nature. The concrete jungles are taking over the greenery and we are facing a near extinct of nature in coming time.

In such a serious situation recycling is one of the ways to show our concern towards the mother nature. One of the ideas is to reduce, reuse, recycle by creation of sculptures from scrap. With such similar idea Vadodara city based art expert Sachin Kaluskar joined hands with a Indore based artist Deval Verma and launched a brand of sculptures made of scrap materials.

Infine Art Ventures LLP launches “ArtCroc”, the only brand aims to make beautiful usable art from scrap. The products under the brand is fully recycled and made from 100% scrap. The idea is to join engineering with nature and gives a new dimension to the art as well as to save nature.

"Our aim is to produce art as social intervention, to inspire, educate and to alter attitudes of viewers creating meaningful and long-lasting identity of the word SCRAP. We intend to turning unused metal scrap into a creative piece of art and thereby contributing to the Green Movement taking place in different spheres of life," said Kaluskar.

The duo positively impact the world and environmental health with their innovations. They convert scrap into valuable art pieces which can be used at homes, offices to save and nurture the environment.

"We must act fast in view of the amount of waste we create almost everyday. Converting scrap into valuable art pieces is an innovative way to show our concern for the environment and thus encouraging the masses to reuse, reduce and recycle for a better future. With waste disposal posing a serious environmental challenge in India, our initiative will also encourage citizens to take concrete actions to ease the situation," said Kaluskar.

The duo launched the brand which is probably the only one where the scrap products get a brand name. They launched their first series “Robots Sculptures Planters” developed and created by Indore based artist Deval Verma, a TedX Speaker. Deval Verma is known for his beautiful sculptures using metal wastes. He has worked for brands like Harley Davidson, Govt of Madhya Pradesh, BMW and many more.

Robot Planters is a beautiful idea to showcase the relationship of Engineering &and Nature. Deval has made these Robots using scrapped Ball Bearings, Pipes, Nuts and Bolts. These Robots have been developed to attract the young generation. These Robots can be kept on the desks and people can nurture their favorite plants in these cute robots."Cultural capital of Gujarat Vadodara is the birth place of “ArtCroc” and the brand is tribute to Vadodara’s living Heritage “Crocodiles”. Vadodara is the only city to have coexistence of Humans with Crocodiles. Crocodile is tough and have been on this earth since the times of Dinosaurs. Art is eternal and it reflects the true essence of our culture. ArtCroc is first ever idea to promote the concept “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle” by making beautiful home and outdoor sculptures," said Kaluskar.

The duo are presently focus on house hold items and planning for making furniture with scrap in future. They are tying up with retail stores and already registered online in marketing website. They introduced eight different variants and target the young group to sensitise them. They are also targeting the working class and people wish to purchase new houses to accept the art and help nature nurture with them. They are also planning to display the arts in malls and short term exhibition to promote the concept.

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