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Initiatives for an eco-friendly Diwali

Initiatives for an eco-friendly Diwali

With the consistent rise in the number of natural calamities hitting the Earth, it is not far away when the disasters are going to spiral out of control if we don’t take the initiative for the same. Diwali is one of the most popular Indian festivals which is known to symbolize the victory of good over evil but the kind of hazard that we expose the Earth too while celebrating this festival puts us in the cone of shame.

If you want to make a difference and contribute to help ensure that the Earth and the mother nature stay just the way it is, start this Diwali by converting the celebrations into an eco-friendly model where you do not just enjoy the festival but also contribute to saving mother nature as well.

In this article, we are going to share some tips to make your Diwali eco-friendly.

Use Oil Diyas

We often tend to opt for candles to lighten our homes because they are feasible and they are cheaper in comparison but the wax is not something quite friendly for the nature which is why it is best to switch to oil diyas which are not just a sustainable option but doesn’t create any excess or harmful waste which is definitely an added bonus.

Opt for flower rangoli

Rangoli is a quintessential part of a Diwali celebration. If you have been wondering about using chemical colours, drop that thought now. Opt for flowers to make your Rangoli, which is not just eco-friendly but also won’t leave behind any harmful waste.

Give a handmade gift bag

Gifts are an important part of Diwali and if you are opting for an eco-friendly Diwali this year around, make sure to gift handmade bags and something that is feasible as well as good for the Earth and the environment as well. If required, you can even refurbish the cardboard boxes instead of opting for new ones.

Stop crackers

The most important part of your eco-friendly Diwali is to stop firing crackers because the majority of the air and the noise pollution is derived from this. The fumes are not just harmful to the health but the fire has the risk of ending up burning someone which is an added concern.

This Diwali, think a bit more about the mother nature and try and opt for these eco-friendly tips to do your bit to the environment.

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