National Safety Day 2021

India & Pakistan are expected to talk on various aspects of the Indus water treaty in this month.

As per the sources the meeting of the permanent Indus commission will be held before 31st march. The last meeting of the commission was held in may 2015.

PM Modi had held a meeting in september to review the treaty in the backdreop of the terror strickes, including the Uri attack and said that ‘blood and water cannot flow together’.

After the meeting, officials had announced that the government has decided to suspend further talks and increase the utilisation of rivers flowing through Jammu and Kashmir to fully exercise India’s rights under the pact.

The commission, which has officials from both the countries as its members, was set up under the 57-year-old treaty to discuss and resolve issues relating to its implementation.

India’s Indus water commissioner and MEA officials will be part of the Indian delegation for the annual meeting.



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