Indigo’s problems have increased after the continuation of the engine failure. After the incident on Monday, On Tuesday, Indigo had to cancel its 47 flights. After the instructions of DGCA, Indigo had to ground its 9 Airbus 320 engine.

Indigo has 32 neo aircraft, of which 9 are now grounded. Go Air has 13 Airbus 320 Neo aircraft, 3 of these have been grounded. Due to cancellation of these flights, the ticket price has also increased significantly. The direct flights from Delhi to Mumbai have reached a price of around Rs 15000.

An Indigo plane going to Lucknow on Monday had to return to Ahmedabad due to a malfunction.There were 186 passenger riders on Airbus A R320 Neo plane, landed at Ahmedabad Airport at around 10:30 am in the morning in the emergency.