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India's Jio Wins Best Mobile Operator Service for Consumers at Global Mobile Awards 2018

Indias Jio Wins Best Mobile Operator Service for Consumers at Global Mobile Awards 2018

India’s Jio has won the “Best Mobile Operator Service for Consumers” award at the Global Mobile (GloMo) Awards 2018 at Mobile World Congress (MWC). In addition, the company’s JioTV app won in the ‘Best Mobile Video Content’ category.

Considered the Oscars of mobile industry, The GLOMO Awards are awarded for innovation and contribution across categories ranging from devices, technologies and applications to health, education and wearable technologies.

Jio’s disruptive entry turning India into a digitally empowered nation by providing a nationwide 4G network, affordable data and digital services with innovative technologies have been recognized on the global stage with this prestigious award.

"It is a matter of national pride that an innovative new mobile service from India has been recognized at the most prestigious global platform. We are particularly satisfied that India is being propelled to global digital leadership with this,” said Manoj Sinha, India’s Minister of Communications. Sinha has been leading the Indian delegation at MWC representing and promoting India’s new global digital leadership initiatives.

“I am pleased that India’s efforts to harness technology and digital platforms to bring inclusion and progress across the length and breadth of India is now a reality. We are happy that the world acknowledges India’s technology leadership and hope it will inspire many more leading tech companies and innovators to join the digital India mission as we march towards 5G,” said Aruna Sundararajan, India’s Telecom Secretary, who is also present at MWC.

Jio rapidly expanded its subscriber base to over 160 million by December 2017, within 16 months of launch. Cisco has been a partner in Jio’s broadband buildout. “We are honored to win the ‘Best Mobile Operator Service for Consumers’ award with Reliance Jio for Jio Mobile Broadband and Digital Services,” said Mr. Chuck Robbins, Chairman and CEO Cisco Systems.

"We are excited to have received this distinguished global recognition in joint effort with Cisco, this is truly a win for India” said Mr. Mathew Oommen, President of Jio. “We are committed to continuous innovation and ongoing leadership in the digital revolution in India.”

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