Offers custom-designed skincare solutions as per every individual needs

Vedix, India’s 1st customised ayurvedic beauty and wellness company that offers a complete hair care solution, has launched skin care regimen formulated by experienced doctors with time-tested natural ingredients. With this launch, the company aims to provide customised ayurvedic skincare experience with the amalgamation of technology and deep-rooted benefits of ancient Ayurveda.

For several generations, Ayurveda has served the purpose of an elixir, for skin, dietary, hair and health concerns. Ayurvedic skincare solutions have always been considered safe for the skin. With this consideration, for the past few years Vedix has been exploring the potential of Ayurveda and has introduced a range of hyper-personal hair and skin offerings to create a more holistic experience for its consumers.

The process of customization is preceeded by a dosha assessment questionnaire, an in depth and data driven analysis which is based on the inputs given by the user. This helps understands the state of elevated doshas in one’s body and determine whether an individual is suffering from oily, dry or a combination skin.

According to individual prakriti, Vedix offers three different customised combination of cleanser, moisturiser and serum with multiple, rare herbs and actives compatible with each skin-type ensuring that skin gets natural nourishment. Customers can list down their primary concerns, sharing additional insights on habits, lifestyle, location and health patterns, while the assessment curates an exclusive regimen that is best suited for them.

Jatin Gujrati, Business Head, Vedix, says, “We launched our hair care regime 2 years back and have seen that the demand for customised beauty solutions is gaining acceptance from consumers. Since its launch, Vedix has grown significantly and is a testimony that customers don’t want to use generic products anymore. Combining 30,000+ hours of intensive research, collaboration with experts and historical evidence on Ayurveda, herbal extracts and essential oils, we have created a detailed evaluation process to offer our customers a hyper-personal remedy, backed by modern technology and the goodness of organic ingredients. While most Ayurveda products in the market revolve around a fixed set of ingredients, Vedix dives deeper to understand the prakruti of the person to customise his/her solution”

According to a June 2020 report by Euromonitor International, the Indian skincare and haircare industry is expected to grow to Rs 47,000 crore by 2024. A large part of this growth will be simulated by Ayurvedic products with an emphasis on products that embody sustainable living. COVID 19 has hastened the adoption of e-commerce and a large part of this growth will come from consumption on online platforms. As a digital-only brand that aims to drive the adoption of modern Ayurveda, Vedix is placed at the confluence of these trends. We aim to capture at least 1-2% of this market and grow to become a Rs 500 cr brand by 2024.

Vedix Skincare range will be priced between Rs 999 and Rs 1,699 depending on the subscription plan. Each pack will contain a cleanser, moisturizer and an active.

Cleansers contain soapnuts (reetha) saponins which is all natural unlike the other foaming agents in face washes. The base ingredients are a combination of sugar, salt, glycerin and jojoba oil, which are completely safe and skin friendly. The customization of ingredients for each dosha type is also present in both cleansers and moisturizers. Moisturizers have ingredients like Aloe Vera, lotus, licorice and red sandalwood. Serums are very concern specific with a combination of Ayurveda herbs and essential oils.


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