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Indians are progressing in terms of fitness and has great potential - Dennis James

Indians are progressing in terms of fitness and has great potential - Dennis James

When it comes to professional body building we Indians are much behind the professionals in other countries like America. But now the scenario gets changed in the last couple of years where Indians are progressing in terms of fitness.

Dennis James world class body builder and fitness guru during his visit to Vadodara put focus on the fitness level of the Indians. He said now the scenario gets changed in terms of fitness in the country.

"I visit India three to four times and this is for the first time I explore the country. After Pune I visited Vadodara and I must say my love for this country increases after I get to know the people and the culture. Vadodara specially is relaxing in comparison to Mumbai with less pollution. However in terms of fitness the Indians are progressing and has great potential with the help of perfect knowledge," said James.

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He said 2 to 3% of people are into fitness and consistency is what paid off for the fitness freaks. "My tip for the fitness enthusiasts to be consistent as nothing happens overnight. With a perfect knowledge and some good nutritional supplements people can get desired results," said James.

He said there shall be more body building competitions for the people with prizes which attracts them and can be a good option. He said while in Mumbai he met Salman Khan, Aamir Khan really concern about their physique and gives time to their body.

He retired from professional body building and now works as a mentor to the others. About any bollywood dreams he said he will love to work in a movie and even a production house also called him last year for the same.

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