The Indian Railways is planning to gradually  wipe out generator cars from trains that will lead to creation of 20 thousand additional seats/berths for passengers.

Currently, over 500 trains have two attached generator car boggies. Railways will phase out one  generator car from these trains in the first phase. This means that for each generator car, Railways can accommodate more passenger boggies which means more confirmed tickets for the passengers.

The single generator car will be a noise-free car and will help Railways save Rs 800 crore annually.

Indian Railways has also initiated a major electrification program for electrifying 100% of its Broad Gauge network.

The power coaches which were earlier used for carrying out electric equipment, lights, fans and other primary utilities for the running of the train will now be replaced with passenger coaches.

This is also supposed to reduce train passenger’s worries regarding confirmation of  tickets. Considering, even if the Railways add two three tier coaches in lieu of the power coaches, it will lead to the creation of almost 144 berths for passengers. This will mean that more waitlist tickets can be converted into confirmed tickets for the passengers.

In order to provide safe, secure and comfortable journey to passengers, Indian Railways has taken various essential steps in the recent past such as provision of lifts/escalators, plastic bottle crusher machines, mechanized cleaning and housekeeping etc. at major stations.


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