To commemorate the 75 years of Independence, a special community interaction programme was conducted by Coast Guard District Headquarters Number 1, Porbandar. The programme was organised concurrently at 07 different places namely Subhash Nagar, Miyani, Navi-Bandar, Mangrol, Veraval, Navabandar and Jafarabad.

The interaction was coordinated through the head of Fishing Communities, local Police and local leaders. During the session, Indian Coast Guard (ICG) representatives reiterated the legacy of the India’s freedom struggle. The Coast Guard team appraised the fishing community of importance of Life raft, Life jacket, Life buoy and Distress Alert Transponders (DATs). The usage of Helo rescue strap was also demonstrated.

The session was concluded with brief address by ICG representatives on the importance of unity in diversity and marking this day, the 12 March 2021 as the commencement of celebration of 75 years of Independence.


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