“Indian cinema has virtually become a parallel culture. Talk of India with a foreigner and debate virtually center’s around Indian films.” – Amitabh Bachchan

The master spoke these lines himself and it has been one of the most critical aspects of a conversation whenever India is mentioned to any outsider. Be it British or an American, every time someone hears the name India the first thing that comes to their mind is Bollywood. Back in the days, that is how others knew Indian cinema to be, plain Bollywood. But, in the new age, Indian cinema has evolved out of its cocoon and has ventured into various other phenomenal regions. In India, cinema is included in the diet chart that does not feed the body but the soul.

Features of Indian Cinema:

  • Indian cinema is all about Masala (visual and virtual spices).
  • No movie is complete without a dance number to count the least, a movie without even the minimalistic song is considered to be a documentary even if it features romance and murder for example.
  • Cheap promotional tactics.

When we step on the road we look around and find these amazing billboards and posters stuck on whichever empty space there is. Even the trees are not spared, they too have been painted with cheap gum and have pieces of paper stuck on them. These are not harmful acts against nature, but a plain promotional stunt, which is the norm here. Nobody really cares to pay attention to the STICK NO BILLS warning that is painted or put up around the nooks and corners, and every possible place where an Indian could find suitable to stick something on them.

Now when it comesto the World cinema, the first thought that comes to mind is great visual effects. The western side of the cinema world has evolved digitally in such a huge manner that more than content, screenplay and visual effects are kept in mind. It is the norm to not have any outrageous dance numbers like Indian Cinema but the background scores are quite eventful to the scenes being played out. Maybe, it is because of the subtlety of these background scores that gives it such an effect.

Features of World Cinema:

  • Compared to Indian cinema, World Cinema usually has more soundtracks but is not played entirely.
  • Only fragments are used for the movies to play by.
  • The other feature that is quite remarkable about the World Cinema is their promotional tactics. Especially in the west, movies are realistically planned and promoted. You will not find washrooms with posters of movies to be released.

To sum it all, India Cinema differs a lot from World Cinema when it comes to content, visual effects, impacts, soundtracks and every other thing that Cinema have been grown out of. End of the day, we all love a little Cinema to feed our souls, the fantasy life being played out on the screen.


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