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Western Railway commissions Ahmedabad-Mehsana gauge conversion

It was in 2022 that the Sabarmati – Jagudan portion of this section was opened for traffic

Western Railway commissions Ahmedabad-Mehsana gauge conversion

Western Railway has completed the work of gauge conversion between Jagudan-Mahesana over Ahmedabad Division and a new double line has been opened for traffic.

It was in 2022 that the Sabarmati – Jagudan portion of this section was opened for traffic.

Now, with the completion of the Jagudan – Mahesana portion, the entire Ahmedabad – Mahesana Gauge Conversion project has been completed and commissioned.

Railway officials said the new double line between Jagudan-Mahesana has been opened for traffic with speed of 90 kmph.

The new section has one major bridge, 16 minor bridges and 8 underpass as grade separators.

Officials said that this section is completely free from Level Crossing which has enhanced the safety of the rail passengers as well as road users. The entire project has been completed at a cost of Rs 620 crore.

An additional platform of 644 m length has also been commissioned at Mahesana railway station, thereby increasing the number of lines from 5 to 14.

Apart from it, dedicated 2 loop lines with platforms, One goods siding of 750m length with 15 m wide RCC platform have also been added.

Officials said that the work of connection of the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFCCIL) with Indian Railways at Mahesana towards New Bhandu with new line of 800 m has also been completed by Western Railway’s Construction Team between February 8 and February 28 this year

Gauge converted line has facilitated an additional line between Ahmedabad & Mahesana section resulting in reduced travel time for the passengers.

This section is part of an important BG route between Ahmedabad & Delhi serving Western India, including ports on the Western coast.

Will enhance the Freight carrying capacity of this important section as it is connected with the western freight corridor of DFCCIL at Mahesana.

This project will smoothen the movement of trains and will help in decongesting the busy Ahmedabad – Delhi route.

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