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Vedic rakhis made from cow dung gives a safe option to celebrate Rakshabandhan and save environment

Also gives women from rural areas a source of income

Vedic rakhis made from cow dung gives a safe option to celebrate Rakshabandhan and save environment

Rakhi, a piece of thread, which a sister ties on her brother's wrist with great affection. She ties it to protect him from all kinds of troubles, so it is not just a thread but called Rakshasutra.

Earlier sisters used to decorate it with their own hands with great love at home, now it is made available in the market where they choose the best Rakhi for their brothers with great care. But do you know that this Rakhi, which is associated with so many sacred feelings, has not become so effective for nature and us with time.

Most of our fancy Rakhi comes from China, and because of this, difficulties are increasing for the local artisans and that is why people are shying away from adopting such a deep art.

The materials used in these are made of plastic and painted with toxic chemicals. After a few days, when these Rakhis come out of the hands and go to Mother Earth, she cannot adopt them. In simple language, it cannot be decomposed and think, we are increasing the pollution of crores of such rakhis on the earth every year.

This festival is full of holiness, and if the most important part of it, the Rakhi is not filled with positivity then how will the real importance of the festival be realized. Perhaps due to similar reasons, there was no special enthusiasm about Raksha Bandhan today.

"Vedic Rakhi" is one such effort, which has been prepared keeping in mind the purity of this festival and the interest of people. The Gomay "Vedic Rakhi" made of organic material is waiting for the one decision to improve the condition of farmers, to provide a fine art and to reduce pollution on the earth.

This is the brainchild of entrepreneur Mukesh Gupta who started making rakhis from cow dung and put them on sale in the market during the Corona era. His aim is to celebrate the festival with care for brother and mother earth.

"We all celebrate the festival of Rakshabandan every year. Most of the Rakhi in India comes from China and the money also goes to China. This time by making changes in it, we can increase the India's economy by using Gomay Rakhi and also protect the cow. This Rakhi is completely made of cow dung and also acts as anti-radiation and destroyer of negative energy. Along with this, seeds of different types of vegetables, fruits and flowers have been put in it, that is, after its use, putting Rakhi in a pot will bring different types of trees and plants in your house, " Said Gupta.

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