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Vadodara Ward no. 1 councillor Jaha Desai fear attack on his life

Approach police and demand inquiry against persons gave complaint against him

Vadodara Ward no. 1 councillor Jaha Desai fear attack on his life

Fearing attack on his life, Vadodara Municipal Councillor of Ward no. 1 Jaha Desai met Raopura police inspector on Tuesday and demand a inquiry about the persons gave a memorandum against him. It is regarding the Subjudice matter about the land near Gorwa area of the city where his generations lives since decades but he allege that some anti social elements try to create problems and he fear his life might be in danger.

Giving details Jaha Desai said, his five generations are living in the Gorwa area since decades and about 17 families are earn there living. The land was given to his great grandfather by Gorwa Gram Panchayat at that time when there was no particular land laws in place. They don't register anything at that time and in 1995 they were asked to vacant the land by the Mamlatdar. In 2013 the collector gave them a notice and he along with his brothers were send the PASA. But they were released clean.

He said, they then approach the court and as per order no authority shall disturb the petitioner. The matter is still Subjudice but some anti social elements on the letter head of Rukshmani Yuvak Mandal gives a complaint in my name. He felt it's something about thr political revenge and also the fall out of campaign launch by the Congress party to expose the irregularities in the plots allotted for afforestation years ago by the Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan.

Fearing his life Jaha Desai along with senior leader Chandrakant Srivastav met Raopura police inspector and demand a inquiry in the matter. They request them to search the people who gives complaint against him as he feared attack on his life. In coming days he will approach the court and file defamation case against them.

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