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Tesla Cybertruck prototype without door handles spotted

This time a prototype of the vehicle has been spotted without door handles

Tesla Cybertruck prototype without door handles spotted

Tesla Cybertruck is back in news.This time a prototype of the vehicle has been spotted without door handles. This is in sync with an earlier statement of Tesla chief Elon Musk who mention had said that the production Cybertruck will come without door handles.

He had mentioned that the doors of Cybertruck will open as the user approaches the electric vehicle. This might give the highly-anticipated EV an extra edge.

The reasons behind this move by Tesla to not provide conventional door handles on the Cybertruck can be many. It can range from giving the EV a neat look to the fact that producing just the door panel is easier and even that the company wants to improve the Cybertruck's aerodynamic properties, Insideevs reported. However, the EV company is yet to ascertain any one of these.

The report also mentioned that automatic opening doors are not new for Tesla as its Model X already sport this feature. However, it does suggest that though Elon Musk doesn't want door handles in the production version of Tesla Cybertruck, there is a need to have some physical feature to open the EV in case of any malfunction.

In August, Tesla confirmed that it has pushed the production of the Cybertruck to 2022. The brand revealed the EV in 2019 and had announced that it will reach the market by the end of this year.

The delay has been confirmed for all three variants of the Cybertruck. Multiple reasons have been cited for this delay. Elon Musk had conveyed that the company will have to face certain challenges to bring the electric pickup truck into production as features like the steel exoskeleton body of the EV may need a new manufacturing process. Tesla also stated that the two higher-end variants of the electric- pickup truck, Dual Motor and Tri-Motor, will come first.

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