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Six and half foot crocodile rescued from Navagadh mohalla in Salatwada area of Vadodara city

Six and half foot crocodile rescued from Navagadh mohalla in Salatwada area of Vadodara city

Panic spread among the locals when a six-and-a-half-foot crocodile crawled late at night in Navagadh mahalla of Salatwada residential area near the banks of Vishwamitri river which runs through the center of Vadodara city. However, Wildlife Rescue Trust activists rushed to the spot before the crocodile harmed the locals. After a struggle, the crocodile was rescued and caught by the volunteers. A large number of people flocked to the residential area late at night to see the crocodile and rescue operation.

With the onset of monsoon and the clean-up operation launched by the corporation in the Vishwamitri river, large numbers of crocodiles living in the river have started coming to the nearby residential areas in search of food. Late at night, a huge crocodile crawled in Navagadh locality of Salatwada. Locals spotted the crocodile and informed Wildlife Rescue Trust president Arvind Pawar.

Immediately, the team of activists reached Navagadh mohalla with the necessary equipment to rescue the crocodile along with the officials of Vadodara Forest Department. They found a six-and-a-half-foot crocodile near the house.

Crowds also start gathering at the place after the message and started downloading photos and videos to their mobile phones. Meanwhile, the rescue team safely rescued the crocodile after half an hour of hard work And handed over to Vadodara Forest Department. The crocodile caught by the forest department from Navagadh mahalla will be released to a safe place.

Arvind Pawar, president of the Wildlife Rescue Trust, said due toh heavy rains, the crocodile came out of the Vishwamitri canal near Navagadh mohalla and strayed near the houses. Panic spread among the people when they saw the six and a half feet long crocodile which was later rescued by their team and safely handed over to the Vadodara Forest Department.

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