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Protesting farmers near Kiratpur, Punjab, halted Kangana Ranaut's car

The event occurred when she crossed into Punjab from Himachal Pradesh

Protesting farmers near Kiratpur, Punjab, halted Kangana Ranauts car

Farmers in Bunga Sahib, on the Ropar-Manali Highway, momentarily halted Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut to protest her statements purportedly made during the farmer protests on Friday.

The actress was driving from Himachal Pradesh to Chandigarh in her car.

Members of the Bharatiya Kisan Union were apparently following her from Bilaspur, and when she arrived at Bunga Sahib, the protesters sat in front of her car, blocking the road.

Soon after, a large police force arrived on the scene and attempted to appease the protesters.

Kangana used harsh comments against farmers who were sitting on dharna at Delhi's borders, according to the union's president, Sethi Sharma.

She had also used derogatory words about female protestors who were taking part in the agitation, and he claimed that her gherao would not be lifted until she apologised to the women.

Kangana allegedly referred to the demonstrators as Khalistanis a few months ago, and she also tweeted that an old woman participating in the event was the same woman who was famous for the Shaheen Bagh protests, and that she was 'ready for Rs 100' to protest. Later, she, on the other hand, erased the tweet.

She consented to meet the demonstrators about an hour after her gherao, and two women were initially allowed to approach her car.

Kangana apologised to them and stated that she had never spoken anything disparaging about women. She then exited the vehicle and hugged the female demonstrators.

Kangana was on her way back from Manali, where she had spent the day with her family to celebrate her sister's birthday.

She claimed in footage posted to her Instagram storey that she would have been lynched if she hadn't been accompanied by security.

She is also seen pleading with women demonstrators, stating that she hasn't said anything negative about farmers or women protestors, but that she was referring to the women who were protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act at Shaheen Bagh.

Kangana Ranaut thanked the Punjab Police for securely transporting her and assured her fans that she has been given permission to travel and is safe.

The demonstrators then proclaimed that they were satisfied with the actress's response and that she could proceed.

The district police had no prior knowledge of Ranaut's visit, according to SSP Vivek Sheel Soni.

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