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PM Modi calls upon countrymen to move forward with mantra of 'Nation First, Always First'

PM Modi calls upon countrymen to move forward with mantra of Nation First, Always First

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called upon the countrymen to make a sacred Amrit resolve on Amrit Mahotsav that the country remains to be our highest faith and our topmost priority. He said, we have to move forward with the mantra 'Nation First, Always First'.

Sharing his thoughts in his monthly Mann Ki Baat Programme on All India Radio yesterday , the Prime Minister said that just the way the Quit India Movement, steered under Bapu's leadership, every countryman today has to lead a Bharat Jodo Andolan. He said, it is our duty to ensure that our work helps to closely knit, and bind our India which is filled with diversity.

Sharing his thoughts about upcoming Independence Day on 15th of August, the Prime Minister said that this time on this day the country is entering her 75th year of Independence. He added that we are indeed very fortunate that we are witnessing 75 years of Freedom, a freedom that the country waited for centuries. PM Narendra Modi recalled that to commemorate 75 years of Freedom, Amrit Mahotsav had commenced on the 12th of March from Bapu's Sabarmati Ashram. He mentioned that on this very day, Bapu's Dandi Yatra too was revived and since then, from Jammu-Kashmir to Puduchery, from Gujarat to the North East, programmes in connection with Amrit Mahotsav are being held across the country.

Prime Minister Modi said that like Amrit Mahotsav, this time an event is about to take place on the 15th of August which is an endeavour connected with the National Anthem. He said, it is an effort on part of the Ministry of Culture to have maximum number of Indians sing the National Anthem together. He said, towards this, a website has been created – through which people can render the National Anthem and record and post it, thereby getting connected with the campaign.PM Modi expressed hope that people connect themselves with this novel initiative.

PM Modi mentioned that Amrit Mahotsav is not a programme of any government, neither a programme of any political party. He said, it is a programme of crores and crores of Indians and a bow to our freedom fighters by every independent and grateful Indian. He said, the extension of the basic sentiment behind this festival is immense and the spirit entails treading path of our freedom fighters and building a country of their dreams. He stressed that we have to live for the country, work for the country and in that, even the smallest of efforts too produce big results. He emphasized that we can contribute to nation building even while performing our routine chores such as 'Vocal for Local'.

He said, supporting local entrepreneurs,artists, craftsmen,weavers should come naturally to us and the National Handloom Day on the 7th of August is an occasion when we can strive to attempt that. The Prime Minister urged the people to buy Handloom products being made in rural areas and share it on #MyHandloomMyPride. Recalling his thoughts shared in his Mann Ki Baat Programme in 2014 on Khadi, PM Narendra Modi said that it is only on account of the efforts of people that today, the sale of Khadi has risen manifold. He said, whenever people purchase a Khadi product, it does benefit poor weaver brothers and sisters and that is why, in a way, buying Khadi is service to people and service to the country.

Sharing his thoughts about Tokyo Olympics, the Prime Minister exhorted the countrymen to extend their best wishes and encourage the Indian contingent participating in the Tokyo Olympics. He said,on social media,our Victory Punch Campaign for the support of Olympics sportspersons has begun and people should do share Victory Punch with their teams – Cheer for India. The Prime Minister said that at the Tokyo Olympics, watching Indian sportspersons march carrying the Tricolour exhilarated not just him but the entire country.

The Prime Minister said, tomorrow, 26th of July is the Kargil Vijay Diwas as the Kargil war is one symbol of the bravery and patience on part of India's Armed Forces which the whole world has watched. He added that this time this pride filled day will be celebrated amid Amrit Mahotsav and that is why this day becomes all the more special. PM Modi urged the people to read the enthralling saga of Kargil and bow to the baravehearts of Kargil. PM Modi also extended his special thanks to the people tuned in to Mann ki Baat. He mentioned that as per a study of MyGov regarding the listeners of Mann ki Baat it was revealed that out of those sending messages and suggestions, close to 75 per cent are below the age of 35.

He said, it reflects that the suggestions of the youth power of India are steering Mann ki Baat and suggestions received from them are the real strength of 'Mann Ki Baat'. PM Modi said that it is your suggestions, through Mann Ki Baat, that express the diversity of India, spread the fragrance of service and sacrifice of Indians in all the four directions, inspire one and all through the innovation of our toiling youth. In his Mann ki Baat Programme, the Prime Minister also mentioned about the efforts of Saayee Praneeth, a Software Engineer, hailing from Andhra Paradesh who decided to use his interest and talent for the welfare of farmers. Sharing his thoughts on use of technology , PM Modi said that there was a time when it would take years to complete even a minor construction and today due to technology the situation is changing in India.

He added, some time ago, the government had launched a Global Housing Technology Challenge to invite such innovative companies from all over the world. He said,this is a unique attempt of its kind in the country and hence we gave it the name Light House Projects. PM Modi said now, work on Light House Projects is on at a fast pace at 6 different locations in the country in which modern technology and innovative methods are used. The Prime Minister also talked about apple farming in Ukhrul district of Manipur where it is picking up fast . He said, here farmers are growing apples in their orchards and to learn apple farming these people have taken formal training by going to Himachal.

PM Modi talked bout T S Ringphami Young who is by profession an aeronautical engineer who along with his wife T S Angel has grown apples. In addition to it, the Prime Minister also mentioned that the cultivation of Ber is increasing especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. He said, Bikramjit Chakma who is 32 years of age from Unakoti, Tripura has not only earned a lot of profit by starting the Ber cultivation but is also motivating people to do Ber cultivation.

PM Modi also talked about a unique initiative that has taken place in Lakhimpur Kheri of Uttar Pradesh during the period of COVID itself. He said, the work of training women to manufacture fibre from the waste banana stems was started and trough this work of Banana fibre, a woman from the area earns four to six hundred rupees per day. He said, on the one hand products are being manufactured from banana fibre, on the other, delicious dishes like dosa and gulabjamun are also being made from banana flour. He said, women in Uttara Kannada and Dakshina Kannada districts of Karnataka are doing this unique work and this endeavour also began in the Corona period itself.

The Prime Minister said, such examples become the inspiration to do something new in life and urged the people to share all this with him on Namo App or MyGov site. The Prime Minister talked about Sanjay Rana who runs a food stall and sells Chole-Bhature on his cycle in Sector 29 of Chandigarh. PM Modi appreciated his works to offer chole-bhature for free to those who had got the COVID Vaccine. Mr Modi observed that it is said that for the welfare of the society, spirit of service and duty are required more than money.

The Prime Minister discussed about another such work and this effort is being attempted in Nilgiri of Tamil Nadu. He said, Radhika Shastri has started the AmbuRx (Amburex) Project and the purpose is to provide easy transport for the treatment of patients in hilly areas. Mentioning about India-Georgia relationship, the Prime Minister said that a few days back a very interesting and very emotional event occurred, which imparted new strength to India-Georgia friendship. He said, in this ceremony, India handed over the Holy Relic or icon of Saint Queen Ketevan to the Government of Georgia and the people there.

PM Modi said, this single ceremony has not only strengthened the relations between the two nations but as well as between Goa and Georgia.He said, this is because these holy relics of Saint Queen Ketevan were found in 2005 from Saint Augustine Church in Goa. After Georgia,PM Modi in his monthly radio programme, talked about Singapore where the Prime Minister of that country Lee Hsien Loong inaugurated the recently renovated Silat Road Gurudwara.

PM Modi recalled that this Gurudwara was built about a hundred years ago and there is also a memorial dedicated to Bhai Maharaj Singh who fought for the independence of India and this moment becomes more inspiring when we are celebrating 75 years of independence.PM Modi said that the people to people strength between two countries gets a boost with such initiatives and efforts. PM Modi also stressed on the need of water conservation.

He said, saving every drop of water and preventing any kind of wastage of water should become a natural part of our lifestyle. PM Modi said that such a tradition should be made in our families, which would make every member proud. PM Modi also extended his best wishes for the forthcoming festivals and appealed that people must not forget the protocols related to Corona.

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