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PM Modi Applauds Indian Navy's Valuable Contributions and Courage

The crucial action on Karachi Port, which signalled India's triumph over Pakistan in the Indo-Pak War of 1971, is commemorated

PM Modi Applauds Indian Navys Valuable Contributions and Courage

On the occasion of Navy Day on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his greetings, saying that Indian Navy personnel have always been in the forefront of mitigating crisis circumstances such as natural disasters.

PM Modi tweeted an excerpt from one of his previous episodes of the "Mann Ki Baat" radio show, in which he discussed Navy Day, "Greetings on Navy Day. We are proud of the exemplary contributions of the Indian navy. Our navy is widely respected for its professionalism and outstanding courage. Our navy personnel have always been at the forefront of mitigating crisis situations like natural disasters."

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh sharing a video of the Indian Navy on his Twitter wrote "On this special day commemorating Indian Navy''s daring ''Operation Trident'' during 1971 war, my greetings and best wishes to all personnel of this outstanding force which continues to protect our national interest through maritime security."

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, also sent his wishes to Navy men and their families.

"Greetings to our brave Indian Navy personnel and their families on the special occasion of Navy Day. The nation is proud of our valorous Naval force for their commitment towards securing India''s maritime interests and helping the countrymen during the civil emergencies," Mr Shah tweeted.

Every year on December 4, India commemorates the decisive naval action by Indian naval forces off the coast of Karachi, which signalled India's victory over Pakistan in the Indo-Pak War of 1971.

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