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150 NDRF teams engaged in rescue ops in floods, landslides affected areas

150 NDRF teams engaged in rescue ops in floods, landslides affected areas

About 150 National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams have been engaged in relief and rescue operations in floods and landslides affected areas across India, as heavy downpour has disrupted normal lives in several states.

34 teams have been deployed in Maharashtra alone.

Other than Maharashtra, 8 NDRF teams have been deployed in Telangana, while 7 teams are working in Karnataka.

NDRF Director General SN Pradhan said, "More than 100 people have died in Maharashtra alone due to landslides. We will have to continue our rescue operations as incessant rains continue to create situations of floods and landslides. 34 teams of NDRF are working in Maharashtra, 7 teams are working in Karnataka and 8 teams are working in Telangana."

"Thousands of people have been rescued and taken to a safe place. Operation is going on but the situation is difficult because it is raining continuously and the havoc of rain continues. Due to this, NDRF teams are facing problems in providing relief and rescue. The present situation is that we will have to work continuously for some days in Maharashtra where there have been more than 100 deaths due to landslides," Pradhan said.

Determined to continue operations until the situation turns back to normal, he said, "There has been a landslide at four places, three in Satara and one in Bandh. The situation of floods and excessive rainfall persists, the situation of waterlogging is also there but we will continue to work till the situation becomes normal."

"NDRF is trained and the relief and rescue operations will continue till the situation is completely controlled," Pradhan added.

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