India won 2 silver and 4 Bronze medals in the championship

China won 5 Gold medals, Hong Kong-China won 2 Gold medals in the UTT 6th Asian School TT Championships-2019 held at Vadodara. India satisfied with 2 Silver Medals and 4 Bronze Medals securing third position in the tally.

In the open singles of second stage, JIN Ziyan of China claimed girls singles title and China stood first in medal tally with 5 Gold and 4 Bronze medals. TSANG Tsz Tsun of Hong Kong-China claimed boys singles title and Hong Kong-China stood second in medal tally with 2 Gold, 4 Silver ki3 Bronze medals. Whereas, India secured third position with 2 Silver and 4 Bronze medals in the UTT 6th Asian School TT Championships-2019.

In girls section China and Hong Kong-China paddlers have dominated the Championship as their players secured their positions in the Girls and Boys Singles finals. Dipanwita Basu from India qualified for second stage in girls singles and lost in quarterfinal against 1-HONG Qinyue (Chn) 1-3. After winning first game 9-11 she lost straight three games 5-11, 3-11, 5-11. Hong Qinyue (Chn) won very comfortably against her.

Both the semi-finals were played between China v/s China and Hong Kong-China v/s Hong Kong-China. In another match, JIN Ziyan (Chn) easily won WONG Hoi Tung (HKC) in straight set in Girls Singles final and secured position for semi-final.

In boys section, Indian paddler top seed Akash Pal (Ind) beat GALUNG I Made (Ina) in straight set 3-0 in quarterfinal of Boys singles. It was became a major upset when, Chitrax Bhatt (Ind) beat his peers top seed Akash Pal (Ind) in heart thrilling semifinal. It was a match of best of seven games and with the first game both the paddlers from same country were fighting for securing their position in the final. First game was in favour of Akash Pal 12-10, then second game was won by Chitrax Bhatt 17-15. At the end of fourth game, Akash Pal was leading by set score 3-1. In fifth game, Akash Pal was leading by 10-8, however, he lost the game 10-12.

Viewers felt Akash Pal was relaxed at the point of 10-8 leading score and that was the turning point for Chitrax and he took the advantage and continuously trying his best to win the match. Chitrax won sixth game 11-7. It was very heavy sadback for Akash because Chitrax was leading 8-3 and he could make up 8 all, then it became 10 all and at last Chitrax won 12-10. It was a marathon match and there was excellent demonstration of skills and techniques.


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