National Safety Day 2021

They say the first impression is the best impression. The way a person carries himself while appearing for a job interview/ meeting a client to decide on some important matters speaks a lot.  There is certain etiquette that one needs to be aware of.

Always mention your full name

The first name of yours is the first name of many others too. So, when you are meeting a busy person for the first time, make sure to tell your full name. So, it is easy for the person to remember.

Sit in a decent position

When you are in the waiting room, waiting to meet the concerned person, make sure you sit in a decent position.Doesn’t manspread? At the same time, don’t keep changing the position of your crossed legs. Sit in a position you are comfortable with.

Keep your phone in silent mode

This is a sign to show that you are respecting the other person’s views. If your phone is constantly ringing in the middle of a conversation, the person on the other side would not be interested in continuing the conversation with you.

Always respect the other person’s opinion

Don’t keep often interrupting in the middle of a conversation. First, let the concerned person speak,and you gather points from what he says and give your opinion.

Dress aptly

Never wear revealing clothes. That will only spoil your reputation. Don’t wear too much of accessories or too much of makeup. Wearing too much of these two makes one feel that you are not easily approachable. And it doesn’t look good for a business meeting. Try to keep these under control.

Learn to use e-mail professionally

Try creating a professional mail ID and not ones like The salutations should be very formal and avoid using colloquial terms in it.

Develop some office manners

Try being on time to work. If you happen to meet anyone on your way to the cubicle, make sure you greet them. Say thank you whenever necessary and don’t overuse it. Don’t pull out the chairs for any woman. It is appreciated when done for a personal meet and not during an official meet. Don’t get overdrunk in social gatherings which would spoil your reputation as well as the companies.

These are some of the etiquettes that one needs to develop to improve their interpersonal interaction and their personality.




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