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Importance of sex-education in schools

Importance of sex-education in schools

Sex is considered a taboo in India. We live in a country that is the second most populous country in the world. And yet, we are ashamed of talking about sex. When we are afraid to even talk about it to adults, then there is no surprise that one is very shy to talk about it even to kids. We are living in the 21st century,and there is nothing to shy away from. In fact, it has become a necessity to talk about it to school kids. There are some reasons as to why it is important to teach about sex to school kids. As well as there are certain downsides too.

The easy access to pornographic sites

When the kids reach the age of adolescence, they start questioning and wondering about the changes that happen within the body. When the kid is not having the freedom to question out openly, he gains access to the internet to access some of the pornographic sites. The videos that are shown there motivate the kid to try these out with someone. This is one of the deadliest effects of not teaching the kids what sex is all about. These kinds of abusive videos on the internet are the major reason behind many of the juvenile rapes that are happening all around. The knowledge of safe and unsafe sexual practices can prevent such thoughts in a kid's mind.

Few take it as an advantage

Some kids learn about sex education only to make use of it in the right manner. Some sources say that the sex education has increased the thirst for sex in a kid. There are also complaints that not every kid would be in such a state of mind that is ready to accept some of the strongest details.

Apart from schools, the parents should take effort too

After what has been taught at school, the parents have to monitor the activities of the kid at home so that, the parent can identify the problem of the kid and counsel accordingly.

It is no longer a joke or a less serious issue to not assume that the urge to have a sexualrelations is the reason behind some of the dreaded crimes committed by the teenagers. This leads to other bad habits like drug, alcohol,and cigarette.

These are some of the details one should know about imparting the idea of sex to school children.

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