Wants to give 12 lakh jobs in the country

We must heard about Dadi Maa ke Nuskhe in our childhood which shows the home remedies for a healthy living. Working on the same formulae an IITian tries to bring back the ancient history of Crude Ghani oil back in our lives. Not only that he wants to give 12 lakh jobs from this industry.

Vishesh Sharma (29), a graduate of B.Tech from the prestigious IIT BHU, is extracting pure oil from a wood-stone ghani in Vadodara city and delivering granny’s favorite oil to hundreds of families.

Under the guidance of Padmashri Professor Anil K. Gupta of IIM Ahmedabad, in 2013, Vishesh did a project in which he researched the sustainable lifestyle of grandmothers age over hundred years. The then President Pranab Mukherjee launched the book after it was written on that research. Since then Vishesh had somewhere in his mind that one day, he will convey the grandmother’s healthy and happy life to people. Then from 2018, he start to study Ayurveda and Naturopathy and also started doing free seminars for health awareness.

Meanwhile, he came to know that big companies are playing with the health of the people in the name of refined food products like refined sugar, refined oil and others. The refined oils that most people are consuming today are industrially extracted at very high temperatures using many chemicals. In addition, they are mostly adulterated with dangerous palm oil. While on the one hand, patients of heart, high blood pressure, etc. are increasing, on the other hand, Indian crude-pressed oils are becoming famous for the best health of the heart around the world.

Sharma said that excessive commercialisation, branding and refining of edible oil has led to the decline of best health interests and people are opposing it and have also become aware.

To further promote such value, Sharma launched an initiative called EcoVidhi in Vadodara a year ago in January 2020. At EcoVidhi, he runs a traditional wood and stone-based kachhi ghani, which makes the purest and healthiest form of edible oils. Whether pure peanut, coconut, sesame, flaxseed, almond, mustard, sunflower or fennel oil, EcoVidhi ensures that large pool of customers get pure and fresh oil.

Not only the traditional method, Vishesh states that he has studied hundreds of research in modern science and with the help of which he guides his clients and doctors in his seminars very politely. Whether choosing the right grains or determining the moisture content or the required pressure on individual oilseeds, he use his technical expertise to produce the best quality of particular oil.

At the moment when cold pressed oils are being promoted around the world for health and quality of food, Sharma plans to start a regular free training program in India for those who want their own Ghani oil, want to start the mill and are looking for financial, business operations and marketing support.

“Gandhiji dreamed of a country that every society processes its pure oil and uses nutritious residue (khali) for malnourished children otherwise providing to the cattle. Vishesh states that there are more than six lakh villages and cities in India and in the next few years every village-town should have at least two Ghaanis. Thus around twelve lakh entrepreneurs can be produced across the country. Then the farmer will be able to earn more profit by selling pure oil directly. Now, when the government is giving considerable subsidy for such businesses, then we should take full advantage of it,” said Vishesh.

Now Sharma wants to fulfill Gandhiji’s unfulfilled dream and signifies that the time has come when we start supporting our local cold press oil mills to secure good health and economic freedom. With this, they vow to revive the Gandhian Ghaani.

Earlier, Vishesh has run a successful software company, which was assisted by the IIT Institute and the government.


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