I will get ticket and win : Madhu Srivastav

National Safety Day 2021

Gujarat is now preparing for upcoming assembly elections and the local MLA’s are doing everything to woo their voters and supporters. Not only that many of them are so confident and they will get the ticket in the upcoming elections. Waghodia MLA Madhu Srivastav is one of them who confidently said that the party will not cut his ticket.

Madhu Srivastav took the women of his constituency on Tuesday to Gandhinagar to show them the assembly. He hired about 30 buses and took 1500 to 1600 women to the capital of Gujarat to show them the assembly and the proceedings. However he denied the visit to be the part of preparations for the upcoming assembly elections.

“Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani declared in the presence of PM Narendra Modi during his visit here that 50% reservation in local self government. He also said that all the MLA’s take the women of their respective constituency to the Gujarat Vidhansabha Bhavan at Gandhinagar,” said Srivastav.

While asking about the no repeat theory of MLA’s in upcoming elections he said he will contest and win in the coming assembly elections and his ticket will not cut. “I don’t know about others but as far as I am concerned I will get the ticket contest and win. I never tarnish the image of BJP, no corruption, no election funds, not disturbing any factory owners and won five times on the BJP ticket after joined them from independent. Party will not cut my ticket,” said Srivastav.

This is the second trip that Madhu Srivastav took the women to the assembly and earlier a week ago he took the first group to Gandhinagar to show them the Gujarat Vidhansabha Bhavan.


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