I vaccinated myself as frontline corona warrior to convince people that the vaccine is safe: Dr. Sheetal Mistry


Dr. Sheetal Mistry, Administrative Nodal Officer, Covid Department, GMERS, Gotri Hospital, vaccinated himself along with Dr. Vijay Shah, a leading doctor, in the vaccination program held today. The two vaccines approved by government against covid in India are very safe vaccines. “Scientists have worked hard to develop this vaccine,” said Mistry.

Expressing happiness that the health workers were given the first opportunity to be vaccinated as frontline corona fighters. “It is important that we people get vaccinated first so that people can be confident that the vaccine is safe,” he added.

Stating that the Government of India has approved the use of these vaccines after a thorough study of all parameters, he added that the vaccines which have had serious side effects abroad, the reaction of PEG element is responsible. Vaccines being administered in India use poly sorbet instead, which in some cases has minor side effects. Those who have minor side effects are better off giving normal medications. There is no serious side effects.

Beneficiaries are excluded from vaccination if their clinical history taken before vaccination shows food allergies or any other matter is known to cause problems. The beneficiary is kept under observation for 30 minutes at the vaccination center and treatment of common side effects is facilitated. Thus, vaccination is being given with great vigilance. That is why he gave the message to get vaccinated without any fear.


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