“I strongly condemn the molestation of Zaira Wasim in flight and raise the topic strongly. I am shocked to see the flight crew also done nothing in the matter,” said Maneka Gandhi. She also put focus on the work on child abuse and press demand to ban Oxytoxin to save cows in the country.

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi is the Indian Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development in the Government of PM Narendra Modi. She is also an animal rights activist, environmentalist,

Maneka Gandhi is in Vadodara to support the Manjalpur candidate Yogesh Patel and said the people of Gujarat will vote for the BJP in the elections. She also take a tweak on Rahul Gandhi and said I don’t know where he is going in Gujarat but inspite of whatever efforts he is giving the people will vote for the BJP in the elections.Keeping herself away from any controversy she talks about Child abuse and the work to stop child trafficking and other related crimes.

On cow protection she said if government ban the Oxytoxin then they can stop the slaughtering. She also said to be against the animal fairs as she feels that instead of buyers the butchers are more in these type of fairs.

On Zaira Wasim molestation case she said they strongly condemn the matter when even the girls are not safe in the air. A person dare to touch the girl and she was shocked to know that the flight crew kept mum on such a serious thing. They take the matter very seriously and demand strict action against the accused. She also demand to fire the airline staff for being such careless in a serious issue.


  1. Mam , Pls find out how Airport authorities are geared to protect women who face violence and harrassement inside these premises. There is zero sensitivity in these locations towards women who face such incidents.


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