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I Like Fitness gym opens in Vadodara

I Like Fitness gym opens in Vadodara

Gives free training of Yoga, Gymnastics and Karate to women

A housewife in Vadodara opens her own gym with a purpose of making the housewives strong enough to take the burden of the family and eat healthy while performing their duties. The gym provides free training of Yoga, Gymnastics and Karate to ladies along with healthy meal during the workout.

The I Like Fitness gym works on the formula to make the housewives strong enough to perform her daily routines with ease and also eat healthy to look after their own well being.

The owner Charu Sikka takes her own example and start the gym to give women their own space. "I put on lots of weight while taking care of my family as I find little time to think about myself. Women cares about every member of their family but fails to think about their own well being. This gives me the idea to do something for such women and plans to open the gym. The women joining the gym will be getting free training of Yoga, Gymnastics and Karate along with first of its kind meal on floor during the workout," said Charu.

Gym trainer Kedar Chaudhary says, the training will be based on strength and to improve their lifestyles. Right now the fast food and other bad eating habits taking it's toll on the women and make them prone to various diseases. To change their routine we plan various floor exercises for the women focusing on strength and fitness. Taking a step further they will get healthy meal during their exercise based on their choice of food. Daily one hour exercise will make them fit and healthy.

International Formula one racer Mira Erda and Miss Teen International 2019 winner Ayushi Dholakiya remain present at the inauguration and put focus on fitness as a essential part of everyone's life. They said women must care about their physical fitness as a strong body help them to fight against anti social elements. It also help them to perform their daily routine with ease and spread the message of eat healthy and live healthy.

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