“I doubt on EVM machine being tampered and here in Gujarat gives a warning not to repeat such things in the elections. The Gujarat elections are all important and this time I appeal to the people to vote for good,”  said JDU leader Sharad Yadav in Vadodara. Although he not clearly said about EVM tampering but instead clears his stand by saying he has doubt which becomes strong after many people came to him with the same thing.

As the political scenario is at its peak in Gujarat the senior JDU leader Sharad Yadav also joined the campaigning. He accuse the ruling party for not fulfill their promises and appeal the people to vote for a better one. “Gujarat is the big destination for Indian politics as the land gives leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Moraraji Desai who fought for the freedom. The state is known for its famous movements like the Nav Nirman Andolan and now all eyes are once again on Gujarat for the all important elections. Now it’s the time for the people to vote once again for a better tomorrow as all are watching,” said Yadav.

He said the ruling party is not doing anything what they promise and instead people suffers with their decisions. “When we talks about development it starts from very bottom and here in Gujarat one fifth of the tribal population is living in the same condition. How can they say about development when the demonetisation forced the people working in small scale industries and real estates to quit job. The promises and dreams are still not implemented in Gujarat,” said Yadav.

On EVM tampering he said he doubt it and warn the people here in Gujarat not to repeat. He also showed some statistics about the UP elections to prove his point about BJP lost in ballot paper voting. “I don’t speak the thing earlier but after so many people comes to me with the same thing now I also raised my doubt about EVM tampering and warn not to repeat such thing in the Gujarat elections,” said Yadav.

On requesting security for Chotu Vasava he said before him all the MLA’s are killed who raised their voice for the tribals. Chotu Vasava is now the only one fight for the rights of the tribals and hence they asked for the security.