On this World Cancer Day  Vadodara city will witness a innovative awareness campaign against cancer. All the heritage buildings are lighten up in Pink colour to spread the message in people to stand together in fight against cancer.

HCG hospital in association with the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) and Indian Railways will launch the campaign “I Can Vadodara Can” on 4t Feb 2018 marked as World Cancer Day.

“The campaign I Can Vadodara Can focuses on creating awareness and encourage people to undertake timely screening. One of the innovative aspects of this campaign is “Turning the city Pink” we start with the monumental railway station building and then moves on to other heritage buildings and monuments to illuminate them in Pink. The Khanderao Market Building, Nyay Mandir, Lehripura Gate, Kirti Mandir, Raopura Tower, Kirti Stambh figure in this list. The pink stands for the phrase “Pink of health” and the lights urge Vadodara to have hope against cancer and a healtny lifestyle,” said Dr. Rajiv Bhatt Director HCG Vadodara.

The HCG will observe the week long awareness campaign starting from 4th February and as a first step in that direction they offer free consultations, second opinions to the patients totally free of cost.

“The main reason for the high mortality rate is people comes late to the doctors. Every year 16lakh new cancer cases detected in India and out of them 8 to 9 lakhs died. Moreover 4000 cases comes up per day in India and about 2000 to 2500 died of cancer. It’s very alarming and early detection in people helps to treat them,” said Bhatt.

Amit Kumar Singh DRM Vadodara division said, “Cancer is spreading its roots in the society and we need to act on it now. The initiative is very positive and such campaigns will be able to direct people towards a healthier life.”

Mayor Bharat Dangar added that such initiatives are necessary where people directly connected to them and understand the importance of healthy society. Vadodara always take such initiatives and inspires others to follow.


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