Emerging as the only woman to win a spot in the top 5 list of the richest Indian celebrities by Forbes, Deepika Padukone has set new precedents.

Talking about the same, Deepika shared, “It’s really bizarre,  Always wondered while growing as to how the people on this list felt who are featured on it and randomly, I don’t know I was on the list. Me and my team received this email from them confirming I am on the list last year and I reread the email, thinking if someone was doing a prank”.

She further adds, “We are in a very interesting time, there is so  much talk about diversity equality, and in a time like that  breaking into top 5 is something that I will very openly say that I very proud  because that hasn’t fallen in my Lap and I have worked very hard for it. In terms of remuneration, be it any field we need to acknowledge women’s contribution in the field.


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