Nationalist Congress Party Chief Sharad Pawar on Wednesday said that the Enforcement Directorate case against him is not going to deter him and said that he is not scared.

“We in Maharashtra follow the principles of Maratha Warrior King Shivaji and so we won’t bow down before Delhi rulers. I will not bow down before the Delhi rulers and this is not part of the culture in Maharashtra,” Pawar said.

The NCP Chief said that he would, cooperate with the investigating agencies like the ED and said, “I will be campaigning for the Maharashtra assembly polls for more than a month and would not be in Mumbai for this reason, so the ED should not think that I am avoiding it and there should not be a misunderstanding and hence on Friday September 27th at 2 pm I will myself be present before the ED office in Mumbai, answering their queries.”

The NCP Chief said that he was undisturbed by his name in the FIR and said, “I will present myself before the ED and if they want to welcome me like a guest then I am ready to get arrested.”

The NCP Chief also questioned the timing of the whole case being registered during the election period. “The election process has started, the people can understand about the timing of this.”said Pawar.


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