Husband murdered the lover of his wife in Vadodara


A broad daylight murder in Vadodara shocked the city as the place where the incident happened is a public garden and frequented by people and college students from nearby MSU Technology faculty. The husband murdered the lover of his wife in front of her inside the under construction building in Badamdi Baug area. Police took custody of the body and searched for the absconding husband who ran away from the spot after murdering the youth.

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As per the details Nimisha Barot from Baranpura got married to Milan Rao from Bajwa five years ago and having an affair with a boy named Krishna Devkar residing in the same Baranpura area and working in a mobile company in Ahmedabad. The girl was the only eyewitness in the cold blooded murder and accused her husband for murdering her boyfriend in front of her after fraudently calling him. She said that her husband is ready to give divorce and she was to marry her boyfriend but her husband murdered him and ran away from the spot. She never knew that her husband has so much anger inside him about the affair.

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Nimisha said that her husband asked her to call Krishna on Wednesday morning inside Badamdi Baug as he wants to talk to him. He said that if she wants to marry him then he will give his consent and divorce her happily. However Niimisha added that she never knew about the cruel intentions of her husband and as soon as Krishna arrived inside the garden accused Milan Rao cut his neck with a blade and ran away from the spot. Krishna fell down on the ground with blood oozing out from his neck and died within seconds. Nimisha then informed his parents about the incident.

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The murder takes place in the under construction building inside the garden and as soon as the murder happened the workers also escaped from the spot. After the incident Raopura police Inspector F.K. Jogal along with his staff reached the spot and started investigating. They also investigate in the angle towards the workers working inside the under construction building. Krishna’s father Hiteshbhai, mother Lataben, grandmother Kailashben and other family members reached the spot and shocked to see the lifeless body of their son. Lataben felt unconscious after saw the body of her son.

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After regain her senses Lataben said that her son called her and said that he is in Vadodara and again call her in five minutes. But the call never came and instead they received the news of the murder of her son. She said that Krishna is her only son and is the bread earner of the family. She demand strict punishment for the accused while crying continuously for her son.

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The police reached the spot and seized the blade from which the accused murdered the victim. The investigating team took the help of dog squad and also took the eye witness Nimisha Barot to the police station. They registered the murder charges against Milan Rao and started a manhunt to nab him.


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