Residents informed the corporation

Hundreds of dead fish found floating inside historical Kamlanagar lake at Ajwa road shocked the nearby residents. They informed the corporation about the incident as this type of incident happened for the first time in recent history.

VMSS is working on beautification of lakes inside the city and the historical Kamlanagar lake is one of them. The lake is now A favourite destination for the morning and evening walkers and health enthusiasts after the beautification. The vegetable market was also shifted and a garden is also developed there for the people.

However on Thursday foul smell comes out from lake and nearby residents rushed towards it to see hundreds of dead fish floating inside. They immediately informed the corporation about the incident and they reached there to clean the lake by taking out dead fish from inside.

The reason for the death of fish is not immediately clear but people feel the drainage water released inside the lake might be the reason. But the administration believe the level of oxygen inside the water went down which resulting in death of fish.


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