Taking care of a eight year old boy losing shelter of the parents

Presenting a humanitarian face before people the Vadodara police is taking care of a eight year old boy after losing shelter of the parents. His father is accused of murdering his mother and caught by the police. Other relatives shows their inability to taking care and then police comes to the rescue and keep the boy with them.

The scene at the ACP E Division S.G. Patil is beyond imagination and bring tears in everyone eyes. The eight year old boy without having any fault is under the care of police after losing the shelter of his parents. His mother was murdered by own father and caught by the police for the offence. As he is supposed to serve the jail term the boy is having no one to care for him. With no options the police comes to rescue and taking all the responsibility of the boy from home to education.

A separate room is assigned for the boy having a bed and attached bathroom for daily needs. He studies in 4th standard so a lady constable is taking care of his tutions and all education related needs. Tiffin service is also started for the boy and police also take the responsibility to drop and pick him up from the school so that his studies don’t get affected.

“The husband is the accused of murdering his wife and no one is able enough to take the responsibility of their son. Ultimately we decide to adopt the child and taking care of him from home to education. A flat in our possession next to the office is his home now and our constables take the responsibility to take him to school. One lady constable takes the responsibility of his studies and everyone in the office promise to taking care of the boy. Such work gives us the satisfaction and appreciation from the media and public is like a moral booster for us,” said S.G. Patil ACP E Division.


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