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Huge dome constructed at Sayaji Hospital to facilitate the relatives of patients

Huge dome constructed at Sayaji Hospital to facilitate the relatives of patients

Arrangement made for the relatives in consultation and instruction by the officer on special duty

The number of patients at Sayaji Hospital has increased significantly over the last few days. As a result, the relatives of the patients outside the covid Hospital have also increased. It is currently getting very sunny and climate change is also creating an atmosphere of rain and storms.

In view of that in consultation with Officer on Special Duty Dr. Vinod Rao and under his instructions, a huge all weather dome has been constructed behind the covid building. Under the supervision of Medical Superintendent Dr. Ranjan Iyer the all weather dome is ready to accommodate 400 to 500 people where they can sit and relax.

Administrative Nodal Officer Dr. O.B.Belim said there is currently a small tent for relatives of patients in front of the OPD which is now getting smaller as the number of patients increases. Currently two domes have been built in twenty-four hours.

In order to keep these people free from the possibility of transition, the has been constructed to save them from rain and wind. Seating and water will be provided to the relatives here inside the dome. Various charitable organizations provide facilities like food, lemon water to the relatives of the patients, and proper coordination is also done with them.

Thus, a humane approach has been adopted by the system to take care of the relatives along with the patients admitted in the hospital for treatment.

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