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How to Take Care of Skin in Cold Harsh Winter?

How to Take Care of Skin in Cold Harsh Winter?

Winter brings dry and cold air which can harm your soft and beautiful skin. It leaves skin irritated and itchy. You may also face wounds and cracks if your skin gets drier. Of course, there are many beauty products that claim to give the best winter skincare, but all of them might not suit your skin and can do more harm than good. Fret not. Read on to learn about the top 6 tips to take care of your skins and keep it healthy, glowing, and beautiful.

Top 6 Tips for Skincare in Winter

1. Increase Water Intake

During dry days of winters, we do not, in fact often forget, to drink water regularly. However, this is the time when your skin needs more water for hydration because skin lose moisture. Cultivate a habit of slowly sipping water throughout the day at regular intervals. Do not gulp all of it in one go. Also, use a glass bottle because plastic bottles are not really reusable. This is one of the most effective and affordable homemade recipes to keep your skin healthy in winter.

2. Choose Winter and Skin-Friendly Cleanser and Lotion

Your summer cleanser cannot be used in winter. You need to choose a cleanser from a reliable brand to assure it adds moisture to your skin to get rid of pilled, cracked and dry skin. Choose a cleanser that is cream-based. Avoid using a cleanser that has alcohol or harsh chemicals as ingredients.

3. Exfoliate Skin

It is one of the must-follow the regime as part of winter skincare. Whether you use homemade recipes or cosmetic products, but you must exfoliate the skin. This beauty regime will remove dead skin cells and get new ones. This can help you add an added glow and softness to your skin.

4. Keep Shower Time and Temperature Moderate

When it is freezing outside, it is tempting to get a hot water shower. It’s so relaxing and soothing. Long shower time with hot water will remove required oil from the skin which will make your skin drier. Thus, long shower time and too hot water for the shower are a big NO.

5. Use a Natural Moisturizer that Matches Your Skin Type

It is necessary to use the right moisturizer regularly to keep your skin healthy. The winter skincare regime should include applying moisturizer on your face and body lotion on your body right after the shower. If you have dry and itchy skin, then use an oil-based moisturizer. However, even in winter, if you have mild-oily skin, then avoid oil-based moisturizer else you will get pimples. In this case, you can use a water-based moisturizer.

6. Be Protective

Winter skincare is more vital than summer skincare because winter winds are more harmful to your skin. Cover yourself with warm and full cloths as much as possible. Keep lip balm with you to take care of your chapped lips. Keep a moisturizer and body lotion with you as well, so when you feel itchy, you can apply it instead of giving rashes to yourself.

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