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How to register on Co-WIN App for Covid-19 vaccination

How to register on Co-WIN App for Covid-19 vaccination

Prime Minister Modi officially launched the Co-Win App for the Covid-19 vaccination programme in India on January 16, 2021.

Co-WIN is a digital platform for the citizens of India to register for COVID-19 vaccination and schedule their vaccination slots at the nearest vaccination centers.It is designed and developed by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.It will ensure smooth and efficient roll-out of the world's largest vaccination drive.

The vaccination drive is being rolled out in a phased manner focusing first on Healthcare and Front-line workers,Senior Citizens above 60, Citizens under 60 with co-morbidity and then the general public. There are different modules in the app like administrator,beneficiary registration, vaccination,beneficiary acknowledgement and reports.

Currently the app can be accessed only by administrators and vaccinators for monitoring and supervising the ongoing vaccination drive for Healthcare and Front-line workers.

Administrator Module will schedule sessions, and the respective vaccinators and supervisors will receive relevant notifications and alerts.The app will also have appointment feature once it opens for general public.

Registration Module will have three options for registration including self-registration, individual registration and bulk upload.

Vaccination Module will provide the beneficiary authentication and update the vaccination status once the vaccine shot is provided to the beneficiary.

Beneficiary Acknowledgement Module will update the beneficiary via app notification or SMS and generate QR based Vaccination Completion Certificate.

Report Module will showcase the number of many vaccine sessions have been conducted, number of people that attended etc.It will generate a two certificates one after the first dosage of vaccine and the final certificate after the second dosage.

Recently the Aarogya Setu App has also been integrated with the Co-WIN portal to view Co-Win details and allow users to download their vaccination certificates

How does it work?

1) Register to get the vaccine : Register using your mobile number or Aadhaar no. or any other identity documents.

2) Get vaccinated : Visit the vaccination centre on scheduled date and time and get the get Vaccination done

3) Get a certificate : Upon each vaccination event get vaccination certificate

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