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How to keep Big Ambitions alive even while working as Peon?

How to keep Big Ambitions alive even while working as Peon?

Working as a peon for a company, be it the government office or private is considered as the lowest part of the organization. Although it is the lowest job profile in any company, it is a valuable profile and the individual working as a peon should be capable enough to think big and work for the highest position. If you are applying for the SSC MTS position, you will have a good opportunity to grow. The SSC MTS salary keeps revising year by year. MTS is a non-technical job and falls under Group-C post, and to get the job, one has to undergo the entrance test.

There are two modes of paper for SSC MTS. Paper 1 (online) and Paper 2 (offline). Once SSC MTS cut off is out, the candidate will need to fulfil further eligibility criteria.

Before we how a peon can keep the big ambition, let us check the job profile-

  • Maintaining of records of the section
  • General cleanliness of the unit
  • Carrying and maintaining of files of the department
  • Other non-clerical work

No matter what sort of job profile you carry, working as the peon, you still have the dream of getting into the ladder of high authority after years. If working as a peon in central government, you will need to undergo the test that will determine your strength of taking up the higher authority job.

But if you think that sitting at the smallest cubicle space at the corner of the office there is no career? Then don't lose hope.

Below are the ways you can follow to make yourself noticed in the company:

· Keep yourself updated about the current company endeavours:

If you have the ability to articulate the chance to grow, then one such way is to keep self updated. One way to keep updated is setting up the Google Alert or reading newspapers to know what is happening in the central government and with the company you are working at. In case, you hear the conversation in the office regarding the same, put down your ideas. This will make seniors working in the office notice your ability of staying updated.

· Improve your working style:

Working as a peon doesn't demand special skills, but to get yourself into the eyes of people working around, you need to change your working style. Be more active, communicate well and show your eagerness to learn more about the job. The more you learn about the company and working more is the chance to grow from the current profile.

· Learn about new work zone:

It doesn't matter if you are just a peon; there is a good chance of taking up other official work and learning about it. For instance, if you are good in accounting, you can work with the accountant during free time and assist in calculation. This way you will learn about using accounting software and other aspects of the accounts.

· Work for the promotion:

The MTS career growth is quite promising. The promotion keeps happening every 3-4 years. In every promotion the salary keeps increasing. In the first promotion the payout increases to Rs 1900/-, the second promotion is Rs 2000/-, third promotion is at 5 yrs with Rs 2400/- and Final Promotion is for Rs 5400/-. This growth in promotion not only increases the chances of getting a higher salary, but also in getting a good position.


The SSC MTS job profile of peon is quite promising and when it is done with perfection you will surely reach new heights while working for the central government.

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