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How to dress up for a corporate meeting?

How to dress up for a corporate meeting?

Dressed up shabbily just because you are going to work is not a good idea. And if you happen to attend a corporate meeting, balancing one's attire is equally important to balancing the slides and the explanatory speeches about what it means. So yeah when you lift your hand up to point out the corner of your frame where there might be information, you do not want your shirt lifting up or your creases being highlighted. So dressing right for a meeting is a huge deal.

Listed below are few ways how you can dress right for corporate meetings that can impact your work apart from your working capabilities.

  • Less is more

One of the best oxymorons that can be available in our vocabulary is ‘less is more.’ And it has been proven to be true because overdressingfor a meeting will be a setback to your first impression. It is meeting honey, do not dress like you are about to go on a date. Keep it minimal, not the length but the entire outfit itself. Avoid scarves; they look shabby if you do not know how to knot it well.

  • Ironed Clothes

Wearing neatly done ironed clothes reflects a person’s sharpness about his personality. From your blazer to your socks, iron it and wear them for a meeting. Look your professional best. And if you are the presenter or the head it’s a norm for you. Nobody likes a blunt vibe from the person giving out orders.

  • Embrace the Blazer

A corporate meeting’s uniform, it is just like the mandatory Physical training uniform we wore to school once a week that distinguished us from the other students who will not get an extra period to play. Blazers are the best when it comes to attending meetings; it is suave, sleek and very neat.

  • Perfume

Not everyone likes to listen to or sit beside human-likeperfume bottle. Wear less, and if you still do make sure it has a soothing effect, otherwise you’ll be burning nostrils and not that amazing assignment you helmed with so much dedication.

  • Polished shoes

Sport polished well-fittedshoes because shoes that are unkempt and seemingly tight or loose will make you uncomfortable. Believe it or not, the discomfort will show on your face.

So next meeting, don’t overdo or underdo, keep it balanced. Dress confidently and own the meeting floor.

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