Games are meant to improve the human relationships. But these days, there are activities of cheating in sports too. There are occurrences of cheating to the extent that there have risen some widespread protests against the absence of a governing body unbiased in nature. There should be stringent rules to avoid the happenings of cheating in sports that is spoiling the very nature of a sport. These are some of the suggestions

  • The governing body that is not held by the government

The body which is in charge of checking the rules of the game and to maintain the genuine nature, should not fall under the aegis of any government. When the sports are being monitored by the government themselves, there are several chances of the government being partial towards their own team. This would not create fair play. This has actually led to the various cases of match fixing, spot fixing etc., that one reads in news.

  • Enforce strict rules other than just disbanding

Players who commit mistakes on the ground or when they take rules for granted are not punished heinously. They have imposed a huge fine or they are just disbanded from playing. The ones who are actually involved in the illegal activities while on the field are the players who take their age for granted. Since they have been into cricket for all these years, they do not mind getting disbanded or paying the fine amount as they had already amassed huge amounts of wealth. So, when stricter rules like disqualification are enforced, the players would be extra careful as they do not wish to spoil the lives of the other young budding players.

  • Transparency in the system

Though the sports are ardently followed by the fans, there are many questions that go unanswered. The involvement of fans in the game apart from being audience should be encouraged. A player is not just answerable to the governing board but also the fans who pay large sums of money to witness their favorite players in action. This could only be attained when there is transparency in the game. The transparency could serve as the key to the formation of more stringent rules in the game.

Sports have continued to play a pivotal role in everyone’s lives. Thus, there should be honesty in the game and to prevent the illegal activities on the grounds, stringent rules must be framed.