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How is technology going to have an impact on Politics in the upcoming years?

How is technology going to have an impact on Politics in the upcoming years?

Technology is indeed revolutionizing our lives,and it is no wonder that it is making huge strides of changes in the arena that frames policies for the actual revolution of human life. The technology has already taken over the zone of politics. There are some instances to prove this fact.

Connecting with people instantly

The leaders of the world are now connecting with people instantly. Their presence on the various social media platforms attributes to this very fact. The leaders are keeping the citizens constantly updated,and the citizens can contact the officials easily in case of any problems, just a tweet with the ministry's handle tagged, one gets immediate help. The officials also work diligently as the transparency could create problems with their governance.

Tracking people's ideas with cookies

The websites of all the prominent political parties have cookies installed on their websites. The ones who run the government can know what is going on in the minds of its citizens. The cookies track the searches that are made after one visits the party website and perform theanalysis. Thus, one can see the role of data analytics here.

Manifesto marketing via social media

One can spread the news of the elections by using pamphlets and booklets that contain the ideals of the government. Now, the parties are making use of digital posters, hashtags to spread the news. This is indeed a great option as the youngsters are making their presence felt online most of the time,and they can get more information on what is the party trying to convey.

Easy to conduct polls

The polls are something that shows the real needs and wants. The process of conducting a survey is very elaborate. Thus, the polls that can reach the masses more easily are preferred. The data that is collected from the polls is thrown into an analytics engine that shows the visual representation of the results.

The Omnipresent Digital mania

The digital presence is felt everywhere, right from voting to the delivery of the government's action plans. Everything gets recorded on the digital platform, that there are very fewer chances of cheating the people. The bogus voting, the stealing of subsidies, commodities can be easily tracked.

Thus, the technology is creating a wave of revolution in politics that keeps the politicians on toes any time and the people aware.

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