Video games can be mentioned as the entity of the 21st century. There was no evidence of games being played on the screens except for the mediocre games that were used in the computers. The virtual reality of playing a game within the four walls of a room providing the ambiance of yourself being a player and representing the national team is what has actually pulled in a lot of audiences into the game. The kids of the 21st century hardly venture outside to play a sport as they are too engrossed with the video games.

  • The first generation of video games

This came about in the early 2000s’. The games were coded and this could be connected to the TV and one can play the game. Since it was a new concept back then, these video games got the kids glued to their seats. The idea of shooting a duck by holding a dummy gun in hand did provide a lot of thrill.

  • Ability to explore any game

While the kids are out to play a sport, they cannot actually involve themselves in more than one sport. This is not practically possible, but virtually possible. The kids are exposed to a wide variety of games in a single PlayStation box. This has made them totally forget about the idea of playing a sport as these games made them feel like a real winner whereas the sports require much physical work.

  • The evolution of video games

From PlayStation to the mobile games, the video games have taken a huge round of evolution. This has made people play games from wherever they wish as the device is of a portable nature. This has made them ignore what is happening all around them and makes them feel engrossed in those video games.

What has this obsession led to?

There are more disadvantages than the advantages posed by the video games.

  • Increased levels of obesity
  • Poor eyesight due to staring at the screen for hours together
  • Lack of human compassion as the video games never make the players feel lost.
  • Lack of awareness of the real world
  • Increased Aggression among the kids
  • Lack of leadership quality which could be obtained from playing a real-time sport and not a reel game

This is how the video game has influenced the kids of the 21st century to neglect sports. Anything beyond a certain limit is never to be encouraged and video games do fall under that category.