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How did family and media react to Sridevi’s demise?

How did family and media react to Sridevi’s demise?

Sridevi, who made her name as India’s first female superstar died a tragic death by accidental drowning in the bathtub at Dubai. She was there to attend a wedding of her husband Boney’s brother’s son. Sridevi who had gone into the restroom for refreshing had not turned up after a long time. This made her husband knock down the bathroom door with the help of hotel staff. He was shocked to see her in such a state. The government of Dubai had too many formalities to complete, and that delayed the arrival of the yesteryear’s star to Mumbai which is her residence.

What did the three day time pave the way for?

The three day time duration that it took for the mortal remains to arrive in homeland gave way to a lot of gossips and fake statements from the media fraternity. Her daughter Jahnvi was unable to be with her mom during her last minutes, and she was here with Anil Kapoor’s family.

Many false claims were made by the Indian media on the death of the star just for the sake of TRP. The channels also made speculations fly about the air stating of how a person could die because of accidental drowning and that there is a huge reason that is hidden behind the mystery of the star.

How did the film fraternity respond?

The film fraternity took to various social media platforms to condemn these actions from the press. Many had even asked the press to move on to doing some other better news coverage rather than focusing on this for a long time. There was also a tweet that Amitabh posted that he had this feeling of uneasiness and a few moments later, this news of Sridevi’s death came as a shock.

How did her family respond?

It is indeed a very sad thing that the two daughters have lost their mom at a very tender age. The daughters stood strong,and they braved the waves. The Instagram post that JahnviKapoor had posted made everyone go into tears. The entire Kapoor family stood beside Boney to show their support. Arjun who was in Punjab shooting for his next film had reportedly canceled the shoot and arrived in Mumbai to serve as a support to his father who had lost his beloved though he had acold war with his dad for leaving his mom shattered by marrying Sridevi.

Though there were too many speculations and rumors, all of Sri’s fans had gathered at her place to pay their final respects. India has truly lost one of its treasures in the film industry.

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