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How automation is revolutionizing the world

How automation is revolutionizing the world

First, let us get you familiar with what automation means.

It is defined as the technology by which a procedure or process is performed without the assistance of any human. Also known as automatic control, automation is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as boiler and heat treating ovens, machinery, switching on telephone networks, etc. the general purpose or use of automation is implemented or can be implemented on various things.

Such as home automation, by now we are all familiar with it. There are various areas where automation has made its use and presence felt. Like that of, laboratory automation, console automation, building automation, banking automation, broadcast automation, integrated library system, etc. The concept of automation and its presence in human life is quite beneficial as it reduces human interaction or intervention with machinery labor.

  • Home Automation

Smart homes or smart houses are the influence and use of automation in homes. It includes various things such as home security system where one can access and control the security alarm systems. In home automation, users can control the lighting systems, climate, entertainment system; appliance’s and also automates your pet dog’s timely food disposer.

  • Broadcast automation

It incorporates the use of broadcast programming technology and automates the broadcasting operations. Broadcast automation is used at a broadcast network, radio stations,and television stations. Here, if there is no human present, broadcast automation can control the activity of these operations. It can also run ‘live assist’ mode when there are no on-air employees present to track the activities via master control.

  • Building automation

This is the centralized, automatic control of a building’s operating systems. They are heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, etc, which is also known as building automation system. The concept of this building automation system is to improve the comfort of the occupant of the building, reduce energy consumption, cut down on operating costs and most importantly, it improves the life cycle of utilities.

  • Laboratory automation

It is a multi-disciplinary concept, to research, develop, optimize, and capitalize on technologies. In laboratory automation, the operations are professional that are commercial and academic. It reduces the lab processes where manual labor takes time while automation does it faster. It is used in the field of software algorithms, methodologies, lab instruments, devices, etc. the application of laboratory automation has improved the use of time and remain competitive.

Apart from these mentioned above, automation in the various field has made life easier and more technologically advanced. It has reduced human intervention in many fields, improved the use of time and, has made work methodical and strategically correct.

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