Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan (VMSS) health department is taking strict precautionary measures to fight Swine Flu and also organise awareness programmes to help people take evasive steps. However on Thursday the department give notice to a hospital and Pathology laboratory for negligence towards a swine flu patient.

The health department of the VMSS is strictly monitoring the Swine Flu situation in the city and are doing door to door survey to aware the people about the disease. They authorise 18 hospitals in the city including two general hospitals for treating Swine Flu patients. The government also authorise the SSG Microbiology department for testing of the samples and the only hospital in central Gujarat.

However the hospital showed negligence towards the patient and overlooked the guidelines issued by the government to treat Swine Flu patient. The hospital and the laboratory both not in our list and its a serious issue towards a patient. The department served notices to both.

“VMSS has notified the hospitals in the city to treat Swine Flu patients and Shreeji hospital in Panigate area is not among them. The hospital admitted the patient and further more taking the swab sample and sends it to a private Lal Laboratory in Jetalpur area which is again not in the list of testing the samples. They then give the report as Swine Flu positive. How can the laboratory give the report as the government only notified hospital to check the samples in SSG Microbiology department. We served notices to both the hospital and the lab for negligence,” said Dr. Mukesh Vaidya Health officer VMSS.


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