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29 March – Know your today's horoscope

29 March – Know your today's horoscope

29 March  – Know your todays horoscope

Aries :You are likely to enjoy some sporting activity which will maintain your physical fitness. You will make substantial gains if you invest on long-term basis. This is the perfect day to attract the attention of others without doing much on your side. Your sweetheart is going to miss you badly all day. Plan a surprise and make it the most beautiful day of your life. Today you will have the stamina and the know-how to raise your earning power. A member of your family may insist on spending some time with you today. Although you'll agree to this, but it will be time-consuming. You will be lead down by your partner and this might force you break the marriage.

Taurus : You will be very vulnerable emotionally- therefore stay away from situations in which you're likely to get hurt. You will make good money if you invest in conservative investment. Be cautious of friends and strangers alike. Don't wear those clothes which your lover doesn't like as it may offend him. You will be honored for some of your good deeds today at work. Today is one of those days when things will not move the way you want. Difference of views might create an argument between you and your partner today.

Gemini : A beneficial day and you may be able to find relief from a prolong illness. Natives who are employed will require a sustainable amount, but due to unnecessary expenditure done in the past, they won't have enough. Your interference in wife's affairs could make her frenzy. Take her permission to avoid temper flare up. You can easily avoid the problem. Sky will look brighter, flowers will seem more colorful, everything will shimmer around you; because you are in love! Your confidence is growing and advancement is apparent. During the night today, you would like to get away from your home and take a walk on the terrace or in a park. You are going to feel the richest in the world, as your better half is going to treat you like the one.

Cancer : As food owes its flavour to salt-some unhappiness is essential only than you realize the value of happiness. Those who had spent their money in betting or gambling are likely to suffer losses today. Therefore, you are advised to stay away from betting. Your partners will lose patience if you neglect his/her opinions. Sudden romantic encounter may confuse you. Your creative work would amaze people around you and win you immense appreciation. You will endlessly plan to rejuvenate your body and become fit. But just like the rest of the days, you'll fail to execute it. Your life-partner will give you extra special time today.

Leo :Check your aspirations to enjoy the life. Take the help of yoga-which teaches you the art of living physically mentally and spiritually healthy to improve your temperament. You will make good money if you invest in conservative investment. Help your brother to keep the things under control. Do not give unnecessary air to a conflict rather try to solve them amicably. Be careful as someone could try to tarnish your image. Controversies or office politics; you will rule on everything today. Excellent day for social as well as religious functions. The behavior of your spouse might disturb your professional relations today.

Virgo : Avoid discussing about your illness. Engage yourself in some work to divert your attention from ailment because the more you talk about your ailment the worse it gets. Expenditure rises but rise in income takes care of your bills. Take benefit of the free time you get today and spend loving moments with family members. Keep your love fresh like precious things. It is going to be your day at work! Your flair to convince others will pay rich dividends. People around you might do something that will make your life-partner fall for you again.

Libra : Today you will be full of energy-Whatever you do- you will be able to do it in half the time you generally take. Today, one of your parents can lecture you on the importance of saving money. You need to listen to them very carefully, otherwise you may face problems in the upcoming time. Overall a beneficial day but someone you think you can trust will let you down. Time to refresh your friendship by reminding good times you shared. Today you can pick up additional responsibility that will lead to higher wages and a better position. This is one of those days when you'll try to take out time for yourself from your busy schedule but fail miserably. Marriage will reach to its best today in your life.

Scorpio :Playing with kids would give you a wonderful healing experience. Financial position will improve through speculation or unexpected gains. Do not let your relatives and friends manage your finances or you could soon be surpassing your budget. Your mind would be too preoccupied with the thoughts of your lover today! Interacting with eminent people will bring you good ideas and plans. You can waste your free time in any useless activity. Your spouse might come under the adverse influence of others and fight with you, but your love and compassion will settle everything down.

Sagittarius : Be careful while driving a vehicle especially on turns. Somebody's negligence could create some problems for you. Don't make investments in haste-Losses are certain if you don't look at investments from all possible angles. Your charming nature and pleasant personality would help you make new friends and improve contacts. You can brighten your love life by visiting some picnic spot. Keep your emotions under control when negotiating major business deal. Time is precious, and you need to fully utilize it to attain desired results. However, flexibility in life and spending time with your family is an important aspect as well, which you need to understand. This is going to be the best day of your married life. You will experience the true ecstasy of love.

Capricorn :Health remains perfect. The arrival of money today can relieve you from many financial troubles. Your thirst for knowledge will help you make new friends. Your partner thinks well of you, which is why s/he gets angry at you at times. Instead of responding back, it would be better to understand their words and where they are coming from. Exercise caution- wisdom and patience while dealing with people at work. Today, you will be able to take out time for yourself despite the busy schedule, and use it well by spending time with your family. An external party might try to create differences between you and your partner, but you both will manage it.

Aquarius :Too much worry may disturb mental peace. Avoid this as every bit of anxiety fretfulness and worry affects body adversely. Don't overspend too much in order to impress others. Your unnecessary finding faults in others could be criticised by relatives. You must realize that it is only wastage of time. You don?t gain anything from this. Better to change your habit. It is going to be an amazing day in your love life. Today you will realize that it is the support of your family that you are doing well at work. You can watch a movie in your spare time. However, you'll feel like you have wasted your time by watching this movie as you won't like it. It is going to be your wonderful day with your spouse.

Pisces : Motivate yourself to be more optimistic. It increases confidence and flexibility but at the same time prepare it to leave negative emotions like fear hatred jealousy revenge. If you work or study by staying away from home, then learn to stay away from such people who waste your money and time. Your witty nature will make you popular at social gatherings. Control your passion it may put your love affair in jeopardy. All the hard work that you had been putting at work will pay you today. Your ability to act swiftly to problems will bring you recognition. Your spouse might get too busy for you today.

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