29 June – Know your today's horoscope

News | Horoscope Aries :Today is not a very high-energy day for you and you will get irritated over small matters. You will make good money today- but the rise in expenses will make it difficult for you to save

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Aries :Find the solace in the company of children. The therapeutic powers of children not only those of your own family but even the off-springs of others can give you solace and calm your anxiety.

Aries :Today is not a very high-energy day for you and you will get irritated over small matters. You will make good money today- but the rise in expenses will make it difficult for you to save. Relatives would try to take undue advantage of your extra generous behaviour. Control yourself otherwise you might be deceived. You must remember generosity to some extent is good but if it crosses a limit it might create some problems. Apologize for your rude behaviour in love. Excellent day for social as well as religious functions. A tiff is possible today due to relatives, but at the end of the day everything will be resolved beautifully. You may spend this day in grooming your personality, as it is better than doing nothing

Taurus :Your quarrelsome behaviour would add to your enemy list. Let anyone not make you angry enough to do something that you will rue later on. All the money you had invested in the past to make your future prosperous will reap fruitful results today. You will be able to clear all outstanding family debts. You can experience the pain of love. Today, you will have free time on your hands, and you can use it to meditate. Therefore, you'll remain mentally at peace today. You might get stressed due to the decrementing health of your spouse today. It is a good day for you. Today, your sweetheart will be in a good mood and laugh at your jokes wholeheartedly.

Gemini : You would get relief from the tensions and strains of life which you have been experiencing for long. It is right time to change your life style to permanently keep them a bay. You will emit a positive aura today and step out of your house with a good state of mind, but your mood can get affected due to any of your precious items getting robbed. Concentrating on the need of your family members should be your priority today. You will have difficulty trying to make your mate understand your position. Do not feel shy when asked for your opinion-as you will be highly appreciated for it. Surprise your better half on a regular basis; otherwise he/she might start feeling unimportant. Today, your enthusiastic style of working may impress your co-workers.

Cancer : Fitness and weight loss programs will help you get into better shape. Avoid any long-term investments and try to go out and spend some pleasant moments with your good friend. Friends and family members provide you with assistance and love. Past happy memories will keep you busy. While fulfilling the needs of the family, you often forget to give yourself a break. But today, you will be able to take out some time for yourself and look for a new hobby. Everything seems happy today in your married life. You may go out and take lunch or dinner with your family/friends in an exotic restaurant. Though, it might be a bit costly.

Leo :Friends supportive and will keep you happy. Involving yourself in large group will be highly entertaining- but your expenses will take an up-trend. The jovial nature of family members will lighten up the atmosphere at home. Today you will miss true love in your life. Don't worry everything changes with time so will your romantic life. The beginning of the day may be a little tiring, but as the day progresses, you will start getting good results. At the end of the day, you will be able to find time for yourself and put it to use by meeting someone close to you. If you and your spouse had a really good food or drinks today, health might suffer. Today, a stranger during your trip can annoy you.

Virgo : Your charming behaviour will attract attention. A new financial deal will get finalized and fresh money rolls in. Work in close coordination to bring harmony in your home. Today, your lover may feel bad about one of your habits and become annoyed with you. Today, you can go to a park or shopping mall with young members of the family. Today, your better half will support you in the most critical thing of your life. Disciple is a must for success; you may start cultivating this virtue by organizing stuff in your room.

Libra : Stress need not be ignored. It is rapidly becoming an epidemic as serious as tobacco and alcohol If you were about to take a loan and had been engaged in this work for a long time, then today is your lucky day. You need to be patient with children or those who are less experienced than you are. Likely to feel the presence in absence of your partner. Today there will be lot of issues- which need immediate attention. You will spend the best day of your life with your spouse today. Today, you will talk in a friendly manner with your father. Your conversations will make him happy.

Scorpio :In spite of your high spirits you will be missing someone who couldn't be with you today. You do not understand the importance of money in life, but today, you'll realize its significance as you'll be in need of finances but won't have enough to carry out. Try not to offend others and adapt to your family needs. Behave properly while going out with your mate. Not a very good day for traveling. Your spouse might doubt your loyalty due to your hectic schedule, but the end of the day he/she will understand and give you a hug. It is going to be a day with more religious activities such as visiting a temple, offering something to needy and practicing meditation.

Sagittarius : Today bad decisions of the past will lead to frustration and mental turmoil-You may be stranded and unable to decide what to do next-Seek help from others. As you have spent a lot in the past, you may have to face the consequences in your present. As a result, you'll be in dire need of money but to no avail. Social activity with your family would keep everybody in a relaxed and pleasant mood. You will get to see a new wonderful side of your love partner. You can watch any web series on your mobile in free time today. It's going to be the most romantic day of your life with your spouse. You might spend some of your time in grooming yourself, as an attractive personality is important for creating a better version of yourself.

Capricorn :Your quarrelsome behaviour would add to your enemy list. Let anyone not make you angry enough to do something that you will rue later on. If you had invested in any land overseas, then it can be sold today at a good price, which will help you earn profits. Time spent with family- children and friends will be vital to regenerate your energy. You will cherish the spice of exotica in your sweet love life today. Today you will put your mind to test- Some of you would get involved in playing Chess- Crosswords and others will write a story- poetry or work out some future plans. Your marriage will see a wonderful phase during this day. You may fulfill your social obligations by meeting your relatives today.

Aquarius : Self-improvement projects will pay off in more than one way- You will feel better and confident about yourself. Don't overspend too much in order to impress others. Misunderstandings with those you love get resolved. Despite a lot of conflicts, your love life will be good today and you will be able to keep your partner happy. Today, you can spend most of your time on things that are not necessary or important. Today, you will have a very close communication about each other's beautiful feelings for each other. A great day to exercise your creative muscles and come up with some ideas that are really pathbreaking.

Pisces : Friends will introduce you to somebody special who would have a remarkable influence on your thoughts. Those who are operating small-scale businesses can get any advice from their closed ones today, which can benefit them financially. The time requires you to understand that anger and frustration would only hamper your sanity. This in turn would lead you towards a grave loss. Lovers will excessively be considerate of family feelings. A spiritual leader or an elder provides guidance. Do you think that married life is all about compromises? If yes, you will know today that it's the best thing ever happened to you. Impatience isn't good for either you or your work, as it increases the chances of damage or any kind of loss.

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