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25 August – Know your today's horoscope

25 August – Know your today's horoscope

25 August  – Know your todays horoscope

Aries : Your polite behaviour will be appreciated. Many people will shower verbal praise on you. Explore new investment opportunities that come your way today- but commit yourself only after you have studied the viability of these projects. Over indulgence in outdoor activities at the cost of studies could invite the wrath of your parents. Planning career is as important as games. Better to balance both to please your parents. Interference of a third person will create frictions between you and your beloved. Promotion or monetary benefits for deserving employees. Today, you can go to a park or shopping mall with young members of the family. Your spouse might stop fulfilling your daily needs today, which will ultimately upset your mood.

Taurus :You have to let go of the past if you wish to get out of the sentimental mood that grips you today. Do not take any step or act in such a manner which can cause financial loss today without the advice of an experienced person. Don't force your opinion on friends and relatives as it may not go in your interest and you can make them annoyed unnecessarily. Girlfriend may deceive you. Good day to send your resume or appear for an interview. You know the importance of personal space, and you are likely to get a lot of free time today. In this time, you can play a game or go to the gym. Today, your spouse might show you his/her not-so-good side.

Gemini : Your kind nature will bring many happy moments today. Speculation will bring in profits. If you are planning to have a party then invite your best friends- There will be lot of people who will be cheering you up. Today, you will know that your love partner is the one who will love you till eternity. It would be one of those great days when your creativity would be at its peak. Today, you should drive your vehicle carefully while coming back home from the office at night, otherwise an accident may occur and you may fall ill for several days. There are fairly good chances that people around you will try to create differences in your relationship. Do not go as per the advice of outsiders.

Cancer :Likely to face some setbacks. Don?t lose heart but work harder to get desired results. Let these setbacks be the stepping stones. Relative will also help at the time of crisis. You'll come to understand the fact today that investing often proves to be very beneficial for you, as any old investment made by you an offer profitable returns. Family members would support your views. Today, you and your love partner will delve into the ocean of love, and will experience the high of love. Promotions and monetary benefits for dedicated professionals. Excellent day for social as well as religious functions. It is going to be the coziest day of your entire married life.

Leo : Lots will depend on your shoulders and clarity of mind will be important for you to take decisions. Some natives of this sign are expected to gain financial benefits today through their kids. Today, you'll be proud of your child. Children might seek your help to complete school projects. Time, work, money, friends, family, relatives; all on one side and you with your partner will be on other side today, all into each other. Today your artistic and creative ability will attract lot of appreciation and bring you unexpected rewards. You can take out time for yourself from your packed schedule and go out with your life partner. However, there can be small conflicts between you two during this time. Good food, romantic moments; all are predicted for you today.

Virgo : You will recover from prolong illness. But avoid a selfish short-tempered person as he can give you some tension-which could further aggravate the problem. Money will help you remain afloat during dark times in life. Hence, consider investing and saving your money from today, or else troubles can occur. People close to you will create problems at personal level. You will find comfort in the arms of your beloved. Interacting with eminent people will bring you good ideas and plans. A sparkling laughter filled day when most things proceed-as you desire. This day is like the spring of your life; full of romance, just you and your better-half.

Libra : Today you will be full of energy-Whatever you do- you will be able to do it in half the time you generally take. You need to talk to your family members today regarding money investment and savings. Their advice will prove to be helpful in improving your financial situation. Friend would be helpful and highly supportive. Your sweetheart is going to become your living angel today; cherish the moments. Today you will realize that it is the support of your family that you are doing well at work. You can take out time for yourself from your packed schedule and go out with your life partner. However, there can be small conflicts between you two during this time. Today, roses will look redder and violets will look bluer because intoxication of love is giving you a high.

Scorpio :Your lack of will power may make you a victim of emotional and mental attitude. Investment is recommended but seek proper advice. Negligence of your life partner may mar the relationship. Spend your valuable time and relive your sweet memories to regain your happy golden days. Exciting day of romance- Plan something special for the evening and try to make it as romantic as possible. Acknowledging you mistake on work will go in your favour. But you need to analysis how you can improve it. You should apologize to whom you have harmed. Remember everyone makes mistakes but only fools repeat them. Travel plans if any-might get postponed due to last minute changes in your schedule. Life will be really exciting when your spouse will come to you forgetting all the tiffs, embracing you with love.

Sagittarius :Too much worry and stress could cause hypertension. Your financial life will prosper today. Along with that, you can get rid of your debts or ongoing loans. Health of your parents requires extra attention and care. Today, you will want to share your life struggles with your partner. However, instead they will start narrating their own problems, which will upset you more. Avoid romancing around within the office space, as it can hamper your image. If you wish to talk to someone and get closer, then maintain the distance while talking to them inside the office. This will be an upsetting day if you jump to conclusions and take unnecessary actions. You might face a difficult time with family members, but at the end of the day, your spouse will caress you.

Capricorn : Don't waste your time in building castle in the air. Rather conserve your energy to do something meaningful. Well-established and known businessmen of this zodiac sign are required to invest their money very thoughtfully today. Domestic life will be peaceful and adorable Keep your love fresh like precious things. Stick to your job and don't count on others to pitch in and help you today. Boundless creativity and enthusiasm leads you to another beneficial day. Life will be really exciting when your spouse will come to you forgetting all the tiffs, embracing you with love.

Aquarius: Chances of recovering from physical illness on the card. Due to any member of your family falling ill, you may face financial problems. Although at this time, you should worry about their health more than money. An old contact might create some problems for you Past happy memories will keep you busy. Don't take your partners for granted. The elders of this zodiac sign can go and meet their old friends today in their free time. This day is like the spring of your life; full of romance, just you and your better-half.

Pisces : Keep your diet under control and exercise to stay fit. You will like to overspend on others. Your brother will be more supportive to your needs than you had thought. Your beloved will seek commitment. Your boss might praise your work today. Someone closer to you will ask you to spend quality time with them, but due to scarcity of time, you won't be able to fulfil their wishes. This will upset you and them both. Bad health of a child or any elder citizen at your place might give you tensions which will directly affect your married life.

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