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18 August – Know your today's horoscope

18 August – Know your today's horoscope

18 August  – Know your todays horoscope

Aries : Your frank and fearless views could hurt the vanity of your friend. A friend of yours can ask you to lend a big amount today. You helping him out can financially cripple you. Sudden good news towards the evening brings happiness and cheers for the entire family. Don't act like a slave in love affair. Increment in salary may lift your spirits. Time now to remove all your despair and complaints. You can watch a movie in your spare time. However, you'll feel like you have wasted your time by watching this movie as you won't like it. The day will provide you a respite after a difficult phase in married life.

Taurus : Avoid overeating and visit a health club regularly to stay fit. Unexpected rise in your expenses would disturb your peace of mind. A day for renewal of bonds and ties with relations. Romance will suffer today because of the bad health of your spouse. A senior might extend their support and gift you a promotion or bring a long stuck task to its completion. The natives of this zodiac sign would like to spend more time alone than meeting people today. Today, your free time can be spent by cleaning the house. Today, you might stay stressed due to the health of your spouse.

Gemini : Your mind will be disturbed with recent events. Meditation and yoga will prove to be beneficial for spiritual as well as physical gains. Together with your spouse, you can discuss finances and plan your wealth for your future. Spend some quality time in the company of people who love and care for you. You will have serious problems with your lover if you dictate what to do. You will benefit from the changes occurring at work. You need to remember that god helps those who help themselves. You might get irritated of your life-partner's babbling today, but he/she will do something really great for you.

Cancer : Your energy level will be high. Married natives of this zodiac sign are likely to attain monetary benefits from their in-laws' side today. Grandchildren would be a source of immense pleasure. Try to coax your partner into understanding, otherwise you might get in trouble. Great day to implement new projects and plans. Today, students will be occupied by their feelings of love, which can waste a lot of their time. Your partner might do something fabulous unintentionally, which will be really unforgettable.

Leo : Support of highly influential people will give a big boost to your moral. Financial hassles seem to get over as your parents extend support. Stay away from people who are likely to influence you with bad habits. Secret affairs can ruin your reputation. Your partners will be supportive and helpful. Travel and educational pursuits will enhance your awareness. Your spouse might tell you some not-so-good things about being with you today.

Virgo : A very good day from health point of view. Your cheerful state of mind will give you the desired tonic and keep you confident. Financial hassles seem to get over as your parents extend support. Children could make the day very hard for you. Use affection weapon to keep their interest and avoid any undue stress. Remember love begets love. Today, you will realize how much your sweetheart loves you. Today your artistic and creative ability will attract lot of appreciation and bring you unexpected rewards. Natives of this zodiac sign will get plenty of time for themselves today. You can use this time to fulfill your desires, read a book or listen to your favorite music. It's going to be the most romantic day of your life with your spouse.

Libra : Support of highly influential people will give a big boost to your moral. Good day for real estate and financial transactions. Your knowledge and good humour would impress people around you. The ecstasy of entire universe is held between the two who are in love. Yes, you are the lucky one. Today is a day for high performance and high profile. Understand the value of your time. It is useless to remain among people who are difficult to understand. Doing so will just give birth to more troubles. Life is going to be really wonderful today because your spouse has planned something special.

Scorpio : Chances of your recovering from physical illness are high which will enable you to participate in sports competition. Today, you can spend a lot of money on a party with friends, but despite this, your financial side will remain strong today. A dispute is likely to occur between family members regarding money matters. You should advise all family members to be clear about finances and cashflow. Chances of meeting an interesting person on card. A good day for implementing plans and signing new ventures. Perfect time to put new ideas into test. You will experience the best day of your married life today.

Sagittarius :Today, your health is expected to be healthy. Due to your good health, you can plan to play with your friends today. Watch your tendency to live for the day and to spend too much on entertainment. Unexpected guests crowd your place in the evening. Relations with your sweetheart might get strained because of the interference of someone. Everyone will love and support you at work today. While keeping up with time, giving importance to your family members is necessary. Even though you will understand this today, but still won't be able to succeed. Today, your spouse might show you his/her not-so-good side.

Capricorn : Your biggest asset is your sense of humour try to use it to cure your illness. Today, you can get into a fight with someone close, and things can escalate to the court. Because of this, your hard-earned money will be spent. Visiting guests occupy your evenings. Those who stay away from their lover can miss them deeply today. Because of this, you can talk to your beloved on the phone for hours during the night. Controversies or office politics; you will rule on everything today. You may bear the brunt of your senior over numerous incomplete tasks left unattended by you in the past. Today, your free time will also be spent on completing your office work. Today, you will realize that how much you mean to your better-half

Aquarius :Today you will be full of energy-Whatever you do- you will be able to do it in half the time you generally take. Those who have borrowed money from anyone may have to repay the loan under any circumstances. In such a manner, it can weaken your economic situation. In a happy-energetic-loving mood-your jovial nature brings joy and happiness to those around you. Sudden romantic encounter may confuse you. Success is definitely yours- if you make crucial changes one step at a time. Today, you can feel happy to find an old item at home and spend the whole day cleaning that stuff. Today, your life partner will show you all the good feeling he/she has for you inspite of all odds happened in the recent past.

Pisces : You would get relief from the tensions and strains of life which you have been experiencing for long. It is right time to change your life style to permanently keep them a bay. Those who are associated with the milk industry are likely to benefit financially today. Festive atmosphere at home would ease your tension. Make sure you also participate in this and not remain like a silent spectator. Those engaged will find their fiancée a source of great happiness. Don't take your seniors for granted. Your family will share many problems with you today, but you will remain occupied in your own world, and do something in your spare time that you like. People around you might do something that will make your life-partner fall for you again.

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